Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The grocery store

was interesting today. Riley was in a GREAT mood. Before we left he was swinging from furniture supports, chasing the cat, hiding in the closet, and generally acting his age. LOL But oh Lord, I was NOT looking forward to this! But I had to go to get Brad's new prescription.

I resorted to something that I do NOT do . . . "If you're good I'll get you a treat!" Now, given that Riley calls pickles, olives, and fruit leathers "treats" I wasn't concerned. He wanted a Hershey bar. Fine.

In the store though . . . oh MAN! He was NOT naughty. He was just . . . wound up! These carts are kind of low. So he can grab the handle and have his feet reach the ground. So he would grab the handle and let his feet drag while I pushed. Then he went around to the side of the cart to ride there. Then back to the handle. Back and forth.

To top it off, a trip that [b][i]should[/i][/b] have taken 15 min total took 45! It's 5 minutes to get to the store and back! I just kept hearing "Hi Suzanne!" "Hi Mrs. LastName!" Ah, the joys of living and working in a small town! I knew over half the people in the market!

I know that it has been a while since I wrote anything. Let's just say that it's been busy! I interviewed at Plymouth and didn't get it. The new principal wanted teachers with at least a year of experience. Makes sense since she has never been a principal before.

Brad Riley & I went to Reno. That was fun. Had Mother's Day, had Father's Day. I don't know, it's been busy but nothing is really going on!!