Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting excited!!!

This Fri, as in the 5th, I leave for Reno with Blythe, & Jen. Then we're picking Angel up at the airport in Reno!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! We finally get to meet Angel! I can't wait. :)

Next Fri, Dina & Brian arrive from Philly. It'll be tight, they're out for Haight Street Fair, but we'll get to see them some. And then we'll see them again in a couple of months for the wedding.

Riley has been really cute lately. He's really into pirates. And of course, my oh so hysterical hubby wants to get him a Playmobile cargo ship & some fishing boats. ARGH! The other day, Riley put Papa on a time out. Thurs we were out and R was eating some fries. He was eating so fast that he forgot to stop and bit his thumb! lol And this is the child that I think is smart? lol

We went to Ione Homecoming. He was going down the slide at the playground. Some teenagers showed up. He convinced one of the girls that he was scared and got her to take him down the slide on her lap. He was smirking the whole way. Little shit somehow conned her into it. I'm going to be in trouble with him.

Ok, it's late and I'm tired. So off to bed for me!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Been a flake

Well, life just got in the way. I got really sick, dr told me that if I'd come in the next day he'd probably have hospitalized me. Got over it and just been super busy subbing.

We've been running around a lot. Unfortunately, a part on the ice maker broke. Which caused water to leak all UNDER my wood floor in the kitchen. So I'm on sub floor in the kitchen until we replace that. I guess we could have made an insurance claim, but why? Makes no sense to us for something so small. We don't want our rates to go up! lol

Riley is doing really good. We need to start working on school more though. He's doing good though. Knows his shapes & colors. Can sort of us scissors, if we direct him. He can do puzzles.

We planted the rest of the garden today. Strawberries are already berrying. lol Today I planted the peas, cucumbers and carrots. I didn't realize how TINY carrot seeds are! lol We aren't doing tomatoes because I'm starting to think I might be allergic. I seem to react sometimes to them. We'll see how everything comes up.

Alright, that's about it for now.