Saturday, June 30, 2007

Been a while

It's been a while since I've blogged.......a year, not too long! LOL

The inlaws are still driving me crazy. But at least we don't live so close anymore. We bought a house in Plymouth, did a renovation on it, and moved in. Of course, we're still working on it.

Riley is almost 2 now. He's in gymnastics. We just finished a week of swim lessons. He is such a monkey! He is all over the place...climbing, running, jumping, he's crazy!

I'm working my tail off on school. I will start student teaching in the fall. I don't know what school yet. Part of me would like the school right here in Plymouth, but I just don't know.

Stan had his prostate out on Thurs because of cancer. It's hitting me how old our folks are getting. I just don't know. It's hitting me that as they get older, it's going to fall to Brad and I to care for all of them. Tyler's in Maine & Dina is.......well, she's Dina. You can't say anything else about her. Sometimes I just don't think that it's fair. Because we didn't want to move away from family we also get punished. Just frustrated!