Monday, September 24, 2007

I think I'm going to throw up

My period is a week late. Now, this is nothing unusual for ME. But I was also feeling more tired than normal and a little bit weepy and a bit nauseated. I took a test this morning and I am pregnant. I am also a little scared. With my history and all, it's a bit nerve racking. Now I have to find a new ob. Oh Lord. According to the web sites I am 5 weeks. That is still 4 weeks before I had my u/s with Riley to know that everything was ok. I hope that the new ob is willing to order an early u/s for me. I can guarantee that I will need it. Just for my own peace of mind I will need it. On the plus side, I am not avoiding meat yet!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh good God, what NEXT!?

Ok, let me give the FULL thing of what has gone on in the last week!

Last Mon I got a yeast infection. Second one in MY LIFE. So on Tues we trot off to WalMart and get me some Monistat. I decide that I suck at treating anything for more than a day or two at the most, so I'm gonna do the Monistat 1. I get ready to do it that night...BAM! Riley has a fever of 102. Ok...NOT treating the yeast infection.

So, Riley now has a fever...Brad takes Wed off work to stay home cuz I am the sub, so I can't call in. Wed night, I treat the infection. After a bit of a panic of trying to find someone, we get some friends to drive darn near an hour to come watch Riley. Make appt with Riley's dr for Fri. wouldn't think that I had even treated the infection. Itching, burning and...well, gross! Thurs night...Riley's fever is 102.4*. Not fun.

Fri...I still have infection. Riley has no fever. Brad is off work. We drive to his dr appt. Dr checks the ears...nothing. Does a strep test...nothing. I mention the yeast infection and that I am now wondering if the fact that I bought pretty smelling liquid fabric softener instead of my no perfume/no dye stuff could do this? Dr says normal kind, wash all underwear, retreat infection with at LEAST the 3 day kind because the 1 day is crap. Ok Doc! Brad gets BRILLIANT idea that we should go see my folks Sat after our friends dd's folks who are about 2.5 hrs away. We have to be home Sun night because I teach Mon.

Sat...I rewash ALL my panties. Cuz I can't remember what had been washed the week before. Go to b-day party. B-day girl and her mother show up 1 hr late. ARGH! Drive to my folks. Find out Nana is in the hospital...again. ARGH! Go see movie with Brad while my Mom watches Riley, because Dad is at the hospital with HIS Mom. Nana (who is 92 years old, btw) had a nose bleed. Because of her blood thinners they couldn't stop the off to the hospital for plasma and 2 units of blood. Yeah.

Sun...Brad & Dad do all the brakes on the van. As well as a few other things. NICE!!! :) Leave after 8pm. Had needed to leave by 7. Oh well. The whole thing with Nana and all. Feel sick all the way home. Headache, leg aches, nauseated, the whole thing. Thinking..."crap! I have the math book, the reading book, the spelling stuff...CRAP! I have almost the whole day with me!" Didn't think I would make it in Mon. (I'm student teaching.)

Mon...woke up feeling tired but fine. YAY! Go off to school. Come home. "Hey hon! Oh, by the way...Riley's dr called. He has strep. The dr sent the prescription to (local pharmacy)." WHAT!?!?!?!? After all that he DOES have strep!

So, now he is on an antibiotic that I am not allowed to administer or touch! FUN!! I also have to throw out the spoon that we use to administer the meds with when he's done. Ah, the joys of being allergic to antibiotics!

So, quick recap...Nana, in the hospital. Wants to die. Me, yeast infection/allergic reaction...treated, washed, gone. Riley, sick...seems fine, eating like a horse, tormenting cats, playing with neighbor, etc etc etc yet on an antibiotic that might or might not be dangerous to the point of death for me. FUN!

On the positive side...we booked our trip to Disneyland for during my fall break!! YAY!!! Four nights in a BRAND NEW Marriot...three days in Disneyland and California Adventure. Oh yeah, and a week off school! And then I get a new class. But I will miss the one that I am in now.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthdays, school and rambling other stuff!

So, my ACTUAL birthday stank. But the following Saturday I went out with Jenn, Shawna, Whitney and Cathy. Shawna got a tat. A butterfly on her hip. Jenn got that little triangular part of the ear in front of the ear canal pierced. I got my belly button pierced. We got manicure and pedicures. They we went to dinner. After that we went back to Shawna's and the limo came and got us. We went to a club in downtown Sac. FUN!!! Limo driver was a cutie...Alex. From the Ukraine. Very nice guy.

School is awesome. My kids are great. Barbara (my Master Teacher) is at Science Camp this week with Linda and the 6th graders. So I am on my own for three days this week. A ton of fun!! Tomorrow my supervisor is coming to observe me teach math. Of course, my WORST subject! LOL But apparently, the kids did this stuff last year, so it is really a lot of review.

I am really in the right field. I am LOVE LOVE LOVING teaching! All the teachers there are great. Everyone is soooo willing to help me, so willing to answer questions that I might have. I would LOVE to be able to get Barbara's job for next year. Although I will have to find closer day care for Riley if I do.

Riley is sick. :( Last night he had a fever...102.2. Not good. Brad had to stay home today to be with him. I can't stay home tomorrow, and neither can Brad. So, Marc S. is coming up for the morning. Krista will come up later with the girls and take over for him. He will take the girls and go home.

Well, that's abou tit for now. Not much going on. :)