Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who the hell does this stuff happen to?

Oh, my family. That's right.

Aunt Tina died on the 12th. No big surprise. I mean, she was 91, had Alzheimers, was sick, etc. So we were at her funeral reception on the 18th and Brad gets a call. One of his coworkers had committed suicide. Really? I mean, weird! Then, on the 25th Brad gets an email that their former SMUD rep, who he has worked with on and off for 10 years, died from cancer. Now that we knew was coming but still, we had 3 deaths in 3 weeks! Crazy!

Who has this happen? It's just weird.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1 of swim lessons

Ok, they are allowing Riley to be in the 4-6 yr old class even though he's not 4. He did the 3 yr old class last year & is really just beyond it. He was beyond it last year. I hope that this steps up some after today cuz what they did today is below him.

The first thing he did was look at one teacher and say "Teacher, I like your swimsuit." Then he said to the other teacher "Teacher, you're pretty." Yep, both are girls!

He had some issues with patience. They have 8 kids & 2 teachers. Some things the teacher needs to help the kids do. Which means 2 kids are doing it & the other 6 are supposed to wait. Well, he doesn't wait well. So the teachers are helping kids float on their stomachs and R is trying to do it on his own.

After the class I stopped to talk to one of the teachers. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES LEFT. I told her that I was sorry he didn't listen well, that he is probably the youngest in the class since he's 3 but that the 3 yr old class is below him. She told me that his ability is greater than the other kids! I told her that athletically he is advanced, but that every other way he is almost 4 and that means that he doesn't always listen well or have much patience. She was impressed that he's trying to move his arms while kicking.

So we have 9 more days of lessons. Hopefully they step it up.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few Riley things

The other day he climbed into the car carrier and got stuck. He now has a scratch & bruise on his knee.

Today it looked like his belly button was bleeding. It wasn't. It was chocolate. He put a chocolate chip in his belly button. To save for later. And yes, that is what he told me.

He convinces teenage girls that he's scared to down slides at the park so that they take him down on their laps. He smiles the whole way.

Direct quote from me: "Riley, if you lick me one more time you're going on a timeout!" Yep, he was licking my arm, telling me that I was ice cream.

Last Monday at dinner: "I wanna go Disneyland." Completely random.

Last week he didn't want to lay down for a nap. So he told on me. To a toy. Said toy proceeded to tell him that it was ok, he didn't have to lay down. The amazing part? He changed his voice to answer for the toy!

The week before that he put Papa on a timeout. And told Papa that he isn't allowed to talk when he's on a timeout. LOL We aren't sure what Papa did.

He was eating popcorn a couple nights ago. Brad was supposed to be sharing the bowl with him. Riley got mad every time Brad grabbed some. Riley finally started hitting Brad's arm when it came near. Then he wrapped his arm around the top of the bowl, hunched over it, and yelled whenever Brad came near the popcorn. Of course, I started grabbing from the other side! lol Then he was hunched over, guarding the bowl and shoving in popcorn.

Tonight, they were again sharing popcorn. Brad grabbed a handful. Riley grabbed his arm, pulled his hand to his mouth and started to eat it. LOL He looked like an animal in the petting zoo. One hand full of popcorn, the other hand holding Brads hand to his mouth!

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. But yeah, he keeps me laughing!

What a week this has been

Reno was fun. I came home tired though. We had a blast. Angel is as sweet in person as she is online. And such a beautiful person too! I just love her.

Tracey had her lump removed on Tues. She's doing good. At least it isn't anything major. Not she just needs to remember to take it easy while she recovers.

Dina & Brian arrived on Thurs. We saw them on Fri. Brian & Riley ran around the house for hours playing pirates! He made this cool pirate map for Riley that we need to copy so that we have backups. :) Totally cool.

We are all really excited about going to the wedding. It'll be fun. The bummer is that there is an after party at a club that we'd LOVE to go to but we won't. Riley isn't 21 so that's out! lol But the whole trip will be a blast! We were talking yesterday about taking Brian's niece & nephew as well and going to the Philly zoo for a day. I'll make zoo books for the kids like I did when we went to the Oakland Zoo. It'll be fun. Libby sounds adorable! And knowing Riley, Jack will be his new best friend. And by the time we go the kids will have had a few days of playing together so that'll be fun.

Aunt Tina died yesterday morning. At 91. She really died from old age. How odd is that nowadays? Not cancer, not any other disease or illness. She died from being 91. She was such a sweet wonderful woman. I will miss her. She was so sweet and kind. I never heard her raise her voice. I never heard her get mad or impatient. It's a loss for us, a gain for heaven.

The funeral is Thursday. We plan to go stay in the area on Wednesday night, go to the funeral on Thurs, then go back to the hotel then go to Six Flags on Fri since we have free passes. It will be fun.