Monday, November 30, 2009


We went to a birthday party yesterday. She will be 3 this week. She is a little taller than Riley, maybe about 40" tall. She weighs 63 lbs. Yep, that is not a typo. 63 lbs. It was so sad. She was out of breath, she couldn't climb up on things like the other kids, nothing. She couldn't run with the other kids, nothing. She isn't just fat. I'd say she's obese. It was so sad. And there is nothing that we can do.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

People just suck.

I was supposed to scrap today. The idiot who was organizing it canceled it and failed to notify me. Yeah, I'm annoyed!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Do people REALLY believe this stuff?????

Had my MOPs meeting on Tues. I sat there in shock. I could not believe that one of the women was saying what she was saying. I couldn't believe that people still think this way!

We were talking about friendship, the importance of it, maintaining friendships, stuff like that. This woman was telling us about her "best friend"* who is a lesbian. Who she doesn't want her kids around because "I don't want them around things like that". WTF!?!?!? People still think this way? And VOCALIZE IT!? In a room full of people who they barely know? I was in shock! She also said that she wants her kids around people who think like they (I assume her & her husband) do so that the kids know that as normal. Again: WTF!?!?!?

I want my kid around people who DON'T think like I do! I want him to learn about different thoughts, religions, views. I want him to be educated enough to be able to make his own decisions as he grows. It doesn't mean that I don't teach him about what we believe or that he doesn't go to church with us. But I want him to learn, from a young age, that not everyone thinks like we do.

This woman acted like gay was contagious. I think most reasonable people don't believe that. But this was nuts. And the fact that she says this is her "best friend"? How weird to me! I can't imagine not wanting my child around my friends. The only time I wouldn't want my child around a friend is if they were a child molester or abuser. And I wouldn't be friends with someone like that! Makes no sense to me!

Am I off base here?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Really pissed

My folks have really pissed me off right now. Dad is all pissed because he thinks that Riley doesn't speak as well as he should. He thinks that we're ignoring a problem. Apparently, mom agrees with him. Of course, the pedi who thinks Riley is fine, is apparently an idiot. Let's see, he's spoken to speech pathologists, his mother, THE TEACHER, thinks he is fine, the pedi thinks he's fine, the special ed teacher thinks he's fine, the preschool teacher thinks he's fine. But apparently we're all idiots.

Monday, October 19, 2009

So I've been thinking

which I know is a scary thought. But seriously, I've been thinking. And I'm frustrated. There just is NO WORK. The state screamed for YEARS that we need teachers. I finally finish & I can't find anything. Not just here either. I'm looking in other districts and there just is NOTHING. It's all support staff . . . aides, bus drivers, janitors, stuff like that.

So I've been thinking about what I can do. I can sew. Not super well, but I can. So I was thinking of an Etsy shop where I make cloth wipes, wash cloths, maybe blankets for toddler beds. Then I started to think about soaps & bath salts as well. So, we will see. I am thinking that I want to start making the salts & soaps & selling them at local boutiques. I think it could be fun.

So we will see what happens. Who knows, something could come of it, something may not. We'll see.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 years

9 years. Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. We've been together almost 13 years though. Some reasons I love my husband:
He's cute!
He's sweet.
He believes in "old fashioned" roles, as in, I get to stay home with Riley.
He supports me in whatever I do. Be it a new job, school, nursing, cloth diapering, no matter what it is.
He is helpful. No matter how stupid it might be to him, he will drop what he is doing to help me.
He is loving.
He is gentle.
He is smart.

I don't know, he is just wonderful! :) I am an amazingly blessed woman to have him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

OMG!!!!!!! IT'S A PANDEMIC!!!!!!!

Please, this is just getting stupid. Guess what folks? Swine flu/H1N1, whatever you want to call it, it no more of a risk than the normal seasonal flu. Get over it. Media, how about you stf about it and stop trying to make people afraid? Oh wait, then why are you here? Oh, I remember . . . TO REPORT REAL NEWS!!!!!!! This is beyond stupid. I am so tired of hearing about this crap. I understand that people are dieing, I really do. But they die every year from seasonal flu as well. No more have died from this than from seasonal. Why the rush oh wonderful government to get that vaccine out? Have you forgotten what happened the LAST time you rushed through a vaccine for this flu? You killed more people with the "prevention" than died from the flu. And you ruined the lives of many many more people by causing a chronic disease as a result of the vaccine.

It just amazes me how over reactive things are about this. I just don't get it. Maybe because I don't worry about illness. I guess I'm weird.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The things my kid says

"I like to go to 49er (restaurant) because they have cute girls!"

"Bismarck's nose is juicy, like a watermelon!"

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I thought of another way we aren't normal

We don't care about nudity in our house. Riley showers with us, gets dressed with us, whatever. We don't hide nudity around here.

We also only hold hands if there is a safety issue. Like a busy parking lot or a busy street to cross. But encourage Riley to just stay next to us. If it is a busy area we do hold hands.

We allow him to walk away from us in stores, at 4 years old. Even to go into the next aisle without us! *GASP*

We allow and encourage him to talk to strangers!

We encourage him to do things that push him. For example, climbing up & down the ladder. We help if he needs it, but we encourage him to do new things without help.

He got a chore chart when he turned 3. And is expected to do the chores.

When I tell him to do something, he is allowed to say no. He needs to do it, but he can express that he doesn't want to. Guess what, some days, I don't wanna do it either!

I'm sure I'll think of more!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another thing I never thought I'd say

"Don't put the screwdriver at the cats head!"

I don't think I'm normal

I have realized something. I don't think we parent like most people. Here's where I'm seeing that we're different.

1. Riley has a lot of freedom with media. If he wants to watch tv, he can (unless we're watching something). We don't edit what he watches on tv or listens to with music. He watches Tim Burton films and listens to punk music, complete with *gasp* swearing! On the other hand, he also watches Veggie Tales and loves their music. He has a broken iPhone (no sims card, can't get online) for music, movies and games that he plays with. He also has his own log in on dh's computer and can go to his web sites when he wants (as long as dh isn't on the computer).

2. He doesn't have a set bedtime. He goes to bed when he's tired or when we are. Sometimes he is in bed at 9, sometimes 10. One night, him & dh were playing with trains in the garage and I woke up at 1:30am! They were still playing! But he never goes to bed before 9.

3. He sleeps with us. If he feels the need to be in our bed, he is.

4. We don't worry about what he eats. If he wants ice cream, he can have it. He asks for carrots. We have never had a fit in a store over him wanting candy, instead he approaches the produce man and asks for carrots. Obviously it is working! We do not fight him on eating things. Yet he is an amazing eater.

5. He plays on his own, and is expected to. He goes in his room to play by himself. At the park, I chat with other moms, talk on the phone, read a book while he plays.

6. We don't do time outs. Instead I will tell him to go to his room until he can behave. He can play in his room when he's there. He doesn't need to sit in a corner to calm down.

I know that there are more ways, I just can't think of them right now!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too cute!

We're watching Dora. Her grandma is sick. So her & Boots are taking Grandma a basket of treats. Riley sneezed. He said "I sneezed. Dora needs to bring ME treats!"

This kid cracks me up!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I never thought I'd say

1. "Take off your shoes if you're going to crawl over your brother's head!" Said to my friends 12 year old.

2. "Son, we don't sleep with produce. Your pumpkin may not sleep in your bed." Said to a 4 yr old Riley after we bought him a mini pumpkin. He decided "But my pumpkin is my best friend!" Oh boy.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Too cute

I'm watching Riley's best friend Lilly today. He is 4, she will be 4 in a month. First, they wanted to both lay in R's bed for nap. He fell asleep curled up with her. She wasn't asleep, she went into my room to lay down.

Now they're sitting on the floor watching Alice in Wonderland. R just turned and hugged her.

Too cute!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Maine was wonderful!

Maine was WONDERFUL. We arrived after midnight at the house. Stupid airline LOST the CARSEAT! Oh, I was PISSED. But R was asleep when we got there. Keep in mind that he hadn't seen them since he was 1 1/2 years old. He got up on Thurs, went downstairs with his cousins (we were still sleeping) and hugged and kissed his aunt & uncle!!

So Thurs we went and saw my IL's house out there. That was interesting. The kids were going into the basement ("Don't let them hit the pipes, they have aspestos on them!"), under the house, under the porch and out a window to the front yard. The house has 2 old cisterns that were used for storage. So bil had to go into those to clean them out. Yep, I married into the Addams Family.

Fri we went to a water park. Yes, in Maine. lol It was a blast! The kids had so much fun. Ok, so did us adults! lol

Sat the neighbors came over for dinner. So B & his bro took the kids to play mini-golf & go to this local train village. G & I went to Damarascotta, shopped, had lunch then went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.

Sun we had a brunch to celebrate my IL's 45th anniversary. Then we took the day off. The kids played and swam, Brad & T went kayaking. G & I vegged out.

Mon we went to the beach. R was using a boogie board. Ok, so the water maybe came up to this ankles but it was still cute! lol I made enchiladas for dinner.

Tues B went to help his dad for the day, T worked, MIL watched the 3 boys, G & I went shopping, for lunch and pedicures. :) Went to the L.L. Bean flagship store. That was cool. Hit a few other stores. Bought R this costume: [url]|72476_halloween|boys%200-6m-14(xl)%20_seasonal[/url] and a few shirts.

Wed we were going to spend the day in Portland, but B wanted to see the L.L. Bean store (the doors have no locks. They are always open.) so we did that and a few other things, went & checked into our hotel, got ready for dinner with the WHOLE family and then came back to the hotel, went to bed and got up super early to fly to Philly! My sil's brother & his wife managed to come out on that day from Oregon for 3 days. So we all met for dinner. It was CRAZY!!! lol It was me, Brad, Riley, bil, sil, 2 boys, her mom & dad, her bro and his wife. But it was fun!

We're home!

There is so much to tell you all, I don't even know where to start. lol I'll start with the second leg of the trip, then go back to the beginning!

First, Philadelphia SUCKED. We hated it. :(

We arrived Thurs, I was EXHAUSTED (4 am comes early!), so I slept while B & R went to go check out this train that Brad found fliers for that he didn't think I'd want to do. That night my folks arrived and since they'd missed R so much we met them for dinner.

Fri we went to Amish country. Drove out to Intercourse and go to take a buggy ride where our driver was Amish. We had a lot of fun, honestly, that was the best part of Philly. We hurried back because we were supposed to be back for the rehearsal at 5 and we needed to go back to the hotel and change. Sis & her fiance were supposed to be at my folks hotel at 4, so we were supposed to arrive around then to see them. We got there at 4:40 & THEY WEREN'T THERE! They didn't arrive until almost 5:30. So we go to his parents, meet them, his bro, his sil, their kids & an uncle. Great. We ran through the wedding and made it to the restaurant in time for our 7pm reservation. With a 2 week old, a 3 yr old, 4 yr old & 5 yr old. LOL We were the first ones to leave, after 9, because R was just DONE. His family is nice though.

Sat was the wedding. We got up, went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (OMG! That was so YUMMY!!!) & Target to get her gift. Had to get ready for the wedding and pick up D's friend from Ca who had flown out to take her. Got to the house for the wedding, fortunately BEFORE the party bus showed up. Yep, you read that right, a bunch of their friends from Philly and New York rented a bus to bring them so they didn't have to drink & drive (which was good). The wedding was, interesting to say the least. R went down the aisle in his black Cons, black pants, white shirt and his pirate hat. Which, btw, was my sisters idea! People were so wasted it was disgusting. People were totally stupid drunk. My sister looked stupid. I mean, she looked pretty but her dress was a bit on the short side given that she's flipping FORTY!!! lol [url][/url] (That's the link if you want to see it. Yes, it's under PROM!) We skipped out on the after party. I just couldn't handle being around those people anymore.

Sun we went into Philly and went to the Maritime museum. Went to Dave & Busters for dinner. My folks went with me.

Mon we went & did the train again. My idea. Drove back into Philly by all these back roads, tons of fun. Got into Philly, did a Duck Tour. I personally found it a waste of money. It was FUN, but I'd have preferred a bus tour.

Tues, that would be today, we were up at 4:40am (east coast time) to fly out at 7:15. And now we're home.

Maine, on the other hand, was AWESOME! Who knew? lol The part of the trip I was dreading was the best part! You know what, I'm going to do that in a different post. This one is long enough as it is. lol

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who the hell does this stuff happen to?

Oh, my family. That's right.

Aunt Tina died on the 12th. No big surprise. I mean, she was 91, had Alzheimers, was sick, etc. So we were at her funeral reception on the 18th and Brad gets a call. One of his coworkers had committed suicide. Really? I mean, weird! Then, on the 25th Brad gets an email that their former SMUD rep, who he has worked with on and off for 10 years, died from cancer. Now that we knew was coming but still, we had 3 deaths in 3 weeks! Crazy!

Who has this happen? It's just weird.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1 of swim lessons

Ok, they are allowing Riley to be in the 4-6 yr old class even though he's not 4. He did the 3 yr old class last year & is really just beyond it. He was beyond it last year. I hope that this steps up some after today cuz what they did today is below him.

The first thing he did was look at one teacher and say "Teacher, I like your swimsuit." Then he said to the other teacher "Teacher, you're pretty." Yep, both are girls!

He had some issues with patience. They have 8 kids & 2 teachers. Some things the teacher needs to help the kids do. Which means 2 kids are doing it & the other 6 are supposed to wait. Well, he doesn't wait well. So the teachers are helping kids float on their stomachs and R is trying to do it on his own.

After the class I stopped to talk to one of the teachers. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES LEFT. I told her that I was sorry he didn't listen well, that he is probably the youngest in the class since he's 3 but that the 3 yr old class is below him. She told me that his ability is greater than the other kids! I told her that athletically he is advanced, but that every other way he is almost 4 and that means that he doesn't always listen well or have much patience. She was impressed that he's trying to move his arms while kicking.

So we have 9 more days of lessons. Hopefully they step it up.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few Riley things

The other day he climbed into the car carrier and got stuck. He now has a scratch & bruise on his knee.

Today it looked like his belly button was bleeding. It wasn't. It was chocolate. He put a chocolate chip in his belly button. To save for later. And yes, that is what he told me.

He convinces teenage girls that he's scared to down slides at the park so that they take him down on their laps. He smiles the whole way.

Direct quote from me: "Riley, if you lick me one more time you're going on a timeout!" Yep, he was licking my arm, telling me that I was ice cream.

Last Monday at dinner: "I wanna go Disneyland." Completely random.

Last week he didn't want to lay down for a nap. So he told on me. To a toy. Said toy proceeded to tell him that it was ok, he didn't have to lay down. The amazing part? He changed his voice to answer for the toy!

The week before that he put Papa on a timeout. And told Papa that he isn't allowed to talk when he's on a timeout. LOL We aren't sure what Papa did.

He was eating popcorn a couple nights ago. Brad was supposed to be sharing the bowl with him. Riley got mad every time Brad grabbed some. Riley finally started hitting Brad's arm when it came near. Then he wrapped his arm around the top of the bowl, hunched over it, and yelled whenever Brad came near the popcorn. Of course, I started grabbing from the other side! lol Then he was hunched over, guarding the bowl and shoving in popcorn.

Tonight, they were again sharing popcorn. Brad grabbed a handful. Riley grabbed his arm, pulled his hand to his mouth and started to eat it. LOL He looked like an animal in the petting zoo. One hand full of popcorn, the other hand holding Brads hand to his mouth!

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. But yeah, he keeps me laughing!

What a week this has been

Reno was fun. I came home tired though. We had a blast. Angel is as sweet in person as she is online. And such a beautiful person too! I just love her.

Tracey had her lump removed on Tues. She's doing good. At least it isn't anything major. Not she just needs to remember to take it easy while she recovers.

Dina & Brian arrived on Thurs. We saw them on Fri. Brian & Riley ran around the house for hours playing pirates! He made this cool pirate map for Riley that we need to copy so that we have backups. :) Totally cool.

We are all really excited about going to the wedding. It'll be fun. The bummer is that there is an after party at a club that we'd LOVE to go to but we won't. Riley isn't 21 so that's out! lol But the whole trip will be a blast! We were talking yesterday about taking Brian's niece & nephew as well and going to the Philly zoo for a day. I'll make zoo books for the kids like I did when we went to the Oakland Zoo. It'll be fun. Libby sounds adorable! And knowing Riley, Jack will be his new best friend. And by the time we go the kids will have had a few days of playing together so that'll be fun.

Aunt Tina died yesterday morning. At 91. She really died from old age. How odd is that nowadays? Not cancer, not any other disease or illness. She died from being 91. She was such a sweet wonderful woman. I will miss her. She was so sweet and kind. I never heard her raise her voice. I never heard her get mad or impatient. It's a loss for us, a gain for heaven.

The funeral is Thursday. We plan to go stay in the area on Wednesday night, go to the funeral on Thurs, then go back to the hotel then go to Six Flags on Fri since we have free passes. It will be fun.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting excited!!!

This Fri, as in the 5th, I leave for Reno with Blythe, & Jen. Then we're picking Angel up at the airport in Reno!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! We finally get to meet Angel! I can't wait. :)

Next Fri, Dina & Brian arrive from Philly. It'll be tight, they're out for Haight Street Fair, but we'll get to see them some. And then we'll see them again in a couple of months for the wedding.

Riley has been really cute lately. He's really into pirates. And of course, my oh so hysterical hubby wants to get him a Playmobile cargo ship & some fishing boats. ARGH! The other day, Riley put Papa on a time out. Thurs we were out and R was eating some fries. He was eating so fast that he forgot to stop and bit his thumb! lol And this is the child that I think is smart? lol

We went to Ione Homecoming. He was going down the slide at the playground. Some teenagers showed up. He convinced one of the girls that he was scared and got her to take him down the slide on her lap. He was smirking the whole way. Little shit somehow conned her into it. I'm going to be in trouble with him.

Ok, it's late and I'm tired. So off to bed for me!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Been a flake

Well, life just got in the way. I got really sick, dr told me that if I'd come in the next day he'd probably have hospitalized me. Got over it and just been super busy subbing.

We've been running around a lot. Unfortunately, a part on the ice maker broke. Which caused water to leak all UNDER my wood floor in the kitchen. So I'm on sub floor in the kitchen until we replace that. I guess we could have made an insurance claim, but why? Makes no sense to us for something so small. We don't want our rates to go up! lol

Riley is doing really good. We need to start working on school more though. He's doing good though. Knows his shapes & colors. Can sort of us scissors, if we direct him. He can do puzzles.

We planted the rest of the garden today. Strawberries are already berrying. lol Today I planted the peas, cucumbers and carrots. I didn't realize how TINY carrot seeds are! lol We aren't doing tomatoes because I'm starting to think I might be allergic. I seem to react sometimes to them. We'll see how everything comes up.

Alright, that's about it for now.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Maybe I should go for every other day!

LOL Ok, this is just too funny. I'm hitting the odd days. Maybe I should change my goal?

This Sun is my cousins sons 1st b-day party. Well, it was. Mom called for all of us and said that we weren't coming, we were all going to Reno. Which we are. Just not this weekend. lol Last night I got an email telling me that the party is changed and it is now next Sun. ARGH! So now we have to go. And I told my mom that I had shipped the gifts before we got that email so now I have to go do that. I cannot believe our luck with this one.

Going to try to plant my new flowers today. Hopefully we can. It is supposed to rain. Which is really good, we need it. But why today? lol Oh well!

And now off to try to get things done!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

CRAP!! Messed up on the 2nd day!

Man, apparently, I can't even go 2 day doing this! lol But we'll try to keep going from here.

In my defense, yesterday was chaotic. Took R to daycare, got my haircut, went to Target, grocery shopping, home, put away the perishables, went to Curves to sign up, came home, made dinner, watched my one tv show that I like. Yeah, it was busy.

Today was not as bad. Went to MOPS, then for a picnic with J & her boys. Went to the Flower Farm and got flowers. I'm going to try to plant them tomorrow.

I'm really having a lot of fun with R lately. It seems like his poor attitude and failure to listen is improving. I can't wait for this phase to be over. I've been feeling awful because I hadn't been enjoying him as much as normal but with his improved attitude mine is improving as well.

Alright, more tomorrow!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A month of blogging

I have a friend who was going to try to blog every day for 30 days. She made it, I think, 4 days. Maybe 5. Anyway, I'm going to try to blog every day for the month of Feb. We'll see how it goes. lol

Today is Super Bowl XLIII. I don't know what that number is. lol At one point in my life I would have. I remember my Dad making me learn all my Roman numerals. I still remember 1-12 because, well let's be honest, they are on my clock. Ah, the ability to search the internet. lol It's 43.

Anyway, we're going to my folks later to watch the game. Have I mentioned that I hate football? lol Oh well, the commercials are good.

Alright, I'll be back tomorrow! lol Hopefully.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunch with a 14 yr old

I picked H up at school. We went & had lunch. And talked. Or should I say, *I* talked, *she* listened. lol

I told her about the damage that has been done to mine & my sisters relationship. How I cannot trust her, don't like her, etc. I explained that before the drugs we had been close. NOT as close as her & her sister, but closer than many. And how, because of the drugs, we were no longer close. I told her about the damage to the family. Not just our household, but aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. How we have cousins that don't want to see her or talk to her, that don't want her around their children. I told her about having to drive home as an 8th grader, about 5 miles, because my sis was high. How I almost drove us off a bridge.

I talked to her about sex. About how my sister was having sex younger than she would have liked. How she had sex for drugs. How she had an abortion at 18. (We are 99% positive on that one, I gave it as a fact though. We know she had one, just not sure of the age.) I told her about some of the STD's that are out there. How some can kill you (AIDS), how I had to watch a beautiful friend I had die from it because of sex. How some can be with you for life. How some, if untreated, can cause infertility. I talked to her about the effects of infertility on a marriage. How it can, and does, destroy marriages. How it nearly destroyed mine. How it did destroys a friends marriage.

I let her ask me questions. And I answered her. Honestly. I told her that she can call me anytime, about anything. That I will keep her confidence, unless I deem it to be life threatening to either her or someone else. Then I will tell her mother. She understood that. I told her about going to Ala-Teen. And how talking to people there everyone's addict had started with pot. I told her, honestly, that not everyone who smokes pot goes on to use other drugs, but that most people who use other drugs started with pot.

She told me what she has used. Lord, I wanted to slap her. Angel, I need to pm you for info on some of what she has used. Any info you may have on long term effects of these things. Vicodan, Xanex, alcohol & pot. Once a vicodin laced with LSD. God, doesn't she realize THIS COULD KILL HER?

I am so sad. I was almost crying. Trust me, I am NOT one to blame parents for everything that a "precious snowflake" does, but I know this family so well. I know HER so well. I KNOW that some of this crap is a direct result of her father. You can't be anything on your own, you have to be part of the collective (family). You are nothing outside of it. God, he is so damaged! And he is damaging his children. She doesn't want to do anything with her life, and it's a direct slap in his face of what he [s]wants[/s] [s]expects[/s] DEMANDS of her.

I also talked to her about talking to her mother if she is having sex. That if she is having sex that she needs to go in for a full panel of STD tests. Even if it was one person, one time. She needs to have it done. I told her that I was pretty her mother wouldn't freak (since she hasn't, knowing that she did have sex), but that I couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't have to tell her father. Who would freak. But I told her that if she is having sex, to tell her mom this week while dad is gone with the other kids.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So it has been a while


Christmas was awesome but sucked. When Riley felt well enough to actually enjoy himself it was fun. Otherwise it sucked. We all got really sick the day after Christmas. REALLY sick. Brad & I were running fevers up to 103-104*. It was awful. We were sick from the day after Christmas & went to the drs on the 30th. I had a sinus infection & breathing problems, Brad had a lung infection & breathing problems. So we both went on antibiotics & inhalers. Riley was fine by then. Of course. lol But we're better now. Mostly. I'm still using the inhalers.

My sis called my folks the other day. She is getting married. We're hoping that we can make it out to Philly for the wedding. They are planning on the end of summer & so it just depends on when they do it. If it's too late in Aug school will be in & if I have a job then I won't be able to go. And I can't NOT take a job just because my sis is getting married.

A little Riley funny, then I'm off to get this day going. The other night he had napped late. When he woke up he wasn't really awake. So I said to him "Let's go watch Lumpy Halloween ("Heffalump Halloween", a Pooh movie) & eat noodles." So he came out of his room. Brad looked at him and said "Or we can watch Stargate." "NO!!!!!! 'TARGATE BOKEN!" (Stargate broken!) Oh, it was too funny. Course, once the Pooh movie was over he wanted to watch Stargate. lol Yes, my 3 year old watches Stargate SG-1. lol

Alright, gonna get work done here! Later!