Monday, June 19, 2006

Now what?

Well, we've decided not to go on the trip. So no Seattle. No visiting friends. No meeting Brandon. But on the other hand, no 17 hour drive with the in-laws! lol Maybe when Riley is a bit older we can do it...this is just a hard time to camp with him. He is so active right now! It would be hard. We will try a shorter trip soon and see how it goes.

Hopefully we can go to Disneyland in winter. It is weird the way the families are. My folks will grab Riley if he fusses. Stan & Karen don't. They wait for me or Brad. It is weird, not at all what I'm used to! I'm used to a lot more involvement from family than they do. My family will rush to grab a baby while his family doesn't. They wait to see what we are going to do. Just not as hands on as I'm used to!

Oh well, that's how life is.

I'm gonna start drinking.

I need to, just to deal with my in laws. First, we're going to Washington with them, then we aren't, then we are, not I don't think we are. Drives me crazy. lol We went to Tahoe with them yesterday for Father's Day, we surprised Brad & Stan with it, they were sooooo critical of everything! Although they did like the Brewery!! No criticism there. Although my VERY rude father in law ordered a bottle of wine instead of beer! And then got another bottle when the rest of us were getting ice cream. It bothers me how much he drinks. They were impressed with how well we knew the area and how we had our places that we knew.

Took the baby and we visited my folks last week. That was nice. Dina was visiting from PA. She was amazingly good with Riley. Mom & I both thing that she is sober. Sadly, she still cannot be left alone with Riley. I just cannot put him at risk like that. I am his mommy, I have to protect him. It was a fun visit. Although the way that she treats Nana like a child bothers me. She's been doing it for years. I really makes me sad that she feels she has to treat Nana like that. Although in some ways I think that is how she shows love.

Saturday we went to the fair. Riley got to pet a goat and a calf. Well, he kind of beat on them! lol It was cute. He also got to sit on a miniature pony. It was cute. And of course, I got pictures. Sun is when we went to Tahoe. Today I met Krista and the girls at the outlets. That was fun. Bought Riley a cute Hawaiian print shirt and a denim jacket in the next size up. Very cute. Tomorrow I have Bible study day! lol One at 10am and one at 2 pm. I guess that I need to read my books!

I have to say that I am glad in a way that it sounds like Karen doesn't think we should go. Makes it easier on me!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Very happy!!!

Yesterday I got my hair cut. Today I went and got it colored. She highlighted it with reds...I love it!!! I was able to take Riley in with me and he was sooooo good!! I was concerned about it because he tends to get pissed when he's in his stroller for too long not moving. but he was really good.

Right now he is pushing my Foreman Grill around the kitchen. What a monkey!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Been busy!

Tues I started my new Bible study. It was really nice...I knew a couple of the women there and I think that I will enjoy it. But something so traumatic happened on the way home. I was coming down the hill and a doe ran out and across the road, followed by a fawn. Another fawn stayed on the other side of the road. The truck in front of me & I stopped...the truck coming the other direction didn't. Didn't even slow down. Oh my God...the thud was sickening to me. I had to stop farther down the hill and call Brad...I was just crying.

The rest of Tuesday was good though! We went to Walmart and then for Chinese food. While at the restaurant the Pony Express road by! lol Ok, not was a reinactment, obviously! But still, not something you see every day!

Wed was GREAT!!! lol Brad sprayed the vineyard in the morning. When he came in he asked me what was for lunch. Told him I didn't know! So, we went to the Lake Tahoe! lol Very fun! We went and played mini-golf, then walked around by the Tahoe Queen, in the shopping area. Then went to The Brewery (yep, that's it's name!) for drinks and a snack. Went and checked out the new hotel/casino. Then went to the Horizon for dinner and I gambled my whole $5.

Today we went and I met with an advisor at National University. I plan to start the credential program in Aug. I am going to do the program that will allow me to get my Masters in Education with only 4 extra classes!! That will be awesome! Not only will I be the first in my family to go to college, I will get my MASTERS!!! :) I am very excited!

I also got my hair cut today...tomorrow I am getting it colored but Brad doesn't know that I am doing it! That will be neat. He will be very surprised! lol

Ok, gonna watch a movie now!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Family crap

I am still in so much pain from this burn. It sucks. My back aches from it. This happened on's Tues. One would think that it would be getting better by now. But of course...NO! It just keeps being red...and sore.

My sister is finally coming to visit. She moved out to PA before Riley was born. Flaked on the shower for him. No big surprise there...she flaked on my wedding shower too. But at least this time it was understandable since her & Felix were splitting at the time. So, I am going to go down to Mom & Dad's next week...yay. I was going to go for this weekend, but now I will go down next week. The nice thing is that I will be gone while Brad is on night shifts!

She will be out for almost a week before she bothers to see our folks. She has to go see her birth mother first...nice. She's gonna run off and see the woman who abandoned her before the people who raised her. Wonder if she will get over to see Nana? Part of me thinks no...but part of me thinks she will because it will look good if she does. I'm glad though that since I have Riley I have to be in the bigger room! lol Can't sleep on the air mattress with him! Not enough room in that bed room for the play pen! lol :)

Mom and I are gonna take him to the pool while we're there. I hope! That would be really fun. And Mom and I have to go spend her Mother's Day gift! Woooo!!! That will be fun fun fun!!! We gave her a gc to Bed Bath & Beyond so that she can buy the stuff to redo her kitchen.

I really need to buy the next size up of Riley's diapers. It's gonna cost probably close to $500 for the dipes and inserts. I might split it into 2 orders. I absolutely love using cloth diapers though! It's a lot of money out at once, but it still saves money. I mean, I'm not buying them every week! I think that these I've had since at least Nov! So that is 7 months. My favorite diapers are Happy Heiny's. I love them! They are pocket diapers. Which means you have to stuff them with something. I use hemp inserts because they are so absorbant. Of course, that means that they take longer to dry! Oh well. It's worth it! Riley has that big cloth diaper butt and the diapers are so cute! My favorite web site to buy them at is called Wildflower Diapers ( Shannon is a doll! She is a WAHM (Work At Home Mommy) and is so helpful!! I feel very confident ordering from her!

Ok, it is late...this gal needs to get to bed. I go to a new Bible study tomorrow. So I need to get up and out of here by 9:15, just to make sure that I get there on time! I HATE being late for something like this where I don't know people! Well, I will know one person. And a stop at Starbucks in the morning would be nice too!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

PCOS sucks! And some on Riley!! :)

PCOS...PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. Not fun. Basically, instead of ovulating an egg will form a cyst on my ovaries. Not a good thing. It means a few things. One, it means getting pregnant is egg, no baby. Very simple. Two, when I have a period, it is painful.

It also means that I might never get pregnant again. It also means that insulin resistance, and the obesity that comes along with it, migraines, anxiety & depression come along too. Fortunately, there are meds for those things. Unfortunately one of the side effects for the insulin is...well...stomach trouble. Cramping & diarhea to be exact. Fortunately the effects go away with time. I just can't wait for them to go away. Course, once they do, I have to up my dose! lol Fortunately, that will be the last time I have to up it. And hopefully I can start getting some of this weight off!

PCOS sucks. It sucks to eat healthy and gain weight. It sucks to go to Weight Watchers and gain. It sucks to exercise and gain. It sucks to do everything "they" say to do and gain weight. I'm 4'9"...and I weigh 179. But I am one of the lucky ones. I don't have acne and facial hair. Or hair loss. Those are other side effects. PCOS is too much traditional male things happen. It sucks. I wish that I didn't have this. But on the other hand 1 in 16 women in the USA have it. So it is surprising that more people don't know about it.

I guess my rant is over. I have to admit that I am one of the lucky ones. I did get pregnant without fertility treatment. Well, those two pregnancy's ended in early miscarriages. But when I got pregnant with Riley it was a huge surprise. In fact, we had started the adoption process. We were very early in the process...but it was a huge surprise! And I am just so in love with him. He is such a sweet baby! So happy all the time. Tonight, we played for more than 5 minutes with his teething ring. I put it in my mouth, he took it out then put it back. He just kept doing that. He was laughing so hard! I could barely keep that chew toy in my mouth I was laughing so hard. Nothing has ever made him laugh like that. It was too cute. He is so sweet and so loving. But a bit of a brute. lol

We had some friends over for dinner the other night. They have a little girl who is 6 weeks younger than Riley. My son who will not take a binky when I try to give it to him was stealing this little girls...right out of her mouth!!! I was in shock! The little monkey!

He also beat up a kid in the church nursery. Ok, not beat up...the other little boy had a ring from a ring toss game and Riley wanted it. So he grabbed it from the little boy and hit him in the head with it...a few times. lol Too funny! I know, I'm gonna regret saying that one day!!

I finally did it

I've been getting crap from people "when are you going to do a blog?" and the like. So, here it is. Course, I don't plan on telling them about it! lol Yeah, I'm evil that way!

Yesterday was Brad's company party. We had it at Rancho Seco lake. Wish I knew how I got a sunburn when I was wearing sunblock. The only thing I can think of is that one, both or the combo of my meds reacted to the sun. But at least Riley didn't burn! :)
And of course, Brad had to work last night, so I was home with Riley with this sunburn that is so bad it is hard for me to pick him up. Fortunately Riley slept most of the night. He slept till 6 this morning...then slept again until Brad got home at 7:30.
Since I was so tired after the party, Riley and I hit a Burger King drive through. He had his first beef hamburger last night. Not sure that he liked it. lol I kept thinking "why is he making that face? He's had burgers before." Yeah he has, TURKEY burgers! lol Poor kid! That and he has always had pieces of ours, so they have cheese on them, as well as mustard and ketchup. Poor king had a plain burger last night...I didn't even get him cheese on it! lol Bad bad mommy!! lol

Now the baby is playing, he is just getting into everything! He has managed to pull his stuffed animals off the shelf and is yelling at them and throwing them around. He is such an active kid! He is finally crawling on his hands and knees rather than doing the army man crawl. He is still faster with the army man, so he often will army man it to go after a cat. lol Poor cats. They are so patient with him though. He pulls their fur...they sit there. If they get really impatient with him, they will smack him (note to self: Buy soft-paws Fri!) or go hide in the closet. Well, Toast usually hides, Bismarck hits him. lol Typical of their personalities. Anyway, he is a good baby. Except that he keeps unplugging the computer. Thankfully it doesn't matter on a laptop!

Last weekend, Memorial Day, I left him and Brad home from Sat till Tues. Not easy since he is still nursing. But they did fine. And getting to go scrapbooking for the weekend was nice too. I was able to get 15 pages of scrapping done. It doesn't seem like much, but I also got a facial! And, oh, the dinner we had!!! :) We had a chef come in on Mon night and he made Dunguness Crab Cakes with avocado and tomato salsa. Salad with three kinds of beets (which I can't eat with the PCOS...a good thing!). Main course was fillet mignon with a basalmic glaze, potato fingers and asparagus. Dessert was a chocolate hazelnut mousse with fresh whipped creme and berries. It was so yummy!