Saturday, January 19, 2008

Riley thinks...

that we live in Europe. Everytime he gives or gets kisses, it has to be one cheek, then the other. EVERYTIME! lol You can not kiss him on one cheek without kissing the other. And if you try to get away with only kissing one cheek, he turns his head and says "CHEEK!" It is so cute! He learned this from Oma & Opa when they got home from France.

They, of course, have to do things "European", while complaining about how liberal Europe is. I swear, somedays I just think that they are so insecure that they do these things to feel better about themselves. You know, "When we were in Istanbul" *IBEREH*** I just get so tired of it all! LOL

Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a rant about the IL's. lol It was supposed to be about something cute that the Riley-man does! So, I will leave the IL rant for another time!

**IBEREH--Insert Big Eye Rolling Emotionicon Here", as coined by a friend on BZ.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tech support my #*(&!!!!!

Why is it that everytime I have had an issue with the computers for the university and I've called the help desk they tell me that it is MY FAULT!? EVERYTIME I have reported a problem, the problem self-corrects. Now, that cannot be MY computer "fixing" itself. I HATE THEM!!!!!! The first idiot I talked to tonight told me that I am stupid. In those words. Funny enough, WHILE TALKING TO HIM, the problem fixed itself. Yeah, my computer isn't going to start giving me error messages, FROM THEIR WEB SITE, that I have a virus and then magically make it go away!!!!!!! God, I need to be done with these frigging idiots. The 28th...that is the day that I am living for right now. I meet with that witch of an instructor I've had all semester and then I can be done and free from these idiots.

Except. Oh come now, you didn't think that there wouldn't be an except now would you? Ah, you know me too well. Except that I want to do my masters and it would be only five more classes. And I want to do it. It would be fun! LOL Yeah, ok, not really FUN, but fun to have a higher degree than Brad! LOL I'm a bitch, I know. No, that isn't the only reason I want to do it...I just want to. It may not make sense, but it's just a new goal. I guess my first goal should be to get a job though!

Oh well...I hate tech support. The one for the uni never really helps. But only 10 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 14, 2008

I can't figure this one out!

Riley can say "hot". With no problem. He says it all the time. But the child will NOT say "hot dog". In fact, tonight he said "hot dot dog." He insists on calling them "dot dogs". Like I said, he can say "hot"! lol Tonight he actually TALKED to his hot dog before he ate it. "Hi dot dog." Then he would pop it in his mouth! Nothing like talking to your food! LOL

He did NOT want to go to bed tonight. He wasn't being naughty or anything, he just didn't want to sleep! He was in his bed, playing, it was cute. I don't know, it was one of those things that just doesn't bother me at all. I don't care if he falls asleep immediately or not. Tomorrow is a home day, so it doesn't matter. He can sleep in. And the later that he sleeps the happier Brad will be! I get to go workout in the morning. Then to breakfast with Shawna. It'll be nice.

We met with the urologist today. The vasectomy is Feb 29. YAY!!! Riley will go to my folks for the weekend because the dr doesn't want Brad to lift more than 10 lbs. This will just make it easier. Plus, since Brad isn't really a sit and relax kind of guy, we can go do things with out having to worry about Riley. Maybe we'll go see a movie or something. We will have to see how he's feeling, but we can get out without having to worry. :)

I bought Riley training pants today. We'll see if it works. Mom will try to see what happens when she has him. He will NOT sit on the potty for me at all. Under any circumstances. But he will for other people. Brat! LOL Maybe someone else will have to potty train him. DARN! LOL Talk about making MY life easier!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conversation with a 35 year old

We just had a major storm. I was getting my hair done that day and Brad didn't want me to drive down the hill alone, so him & Riley came with me. He dropped me with Shawna after & him & Riley did a few errands. They drove over an area that had a little mud slide and Brad was telling me about it as we drove past the area a few days later.

Brad: Yeah, there was about 6 inches of mud here the other day when we drove home.

Me: was gone when Shawna drove me home.

Brad: Yeah, I had to put the van in 4-wheel drive.

Me: It has 4 wheel drive?

Brad: has 4 wheels. The back two are just lazy.

And this is my life. lol

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Conversation with a 9 year old

So Brad & I stayed with Shawna & Kevins kids the other weekend for one night. We took the kids to church the next day, which meant taking two cars. On the way back to their house, the 7 yr old looks at me and says "He's (Brad) catching up to us! You gotta lose him!" So, I speed up somewhat and change lanes, no biggie. "He's gonna catch him! You gotta beat him home!" from the 7 year old.

The 9 year old, Boo, was in the front seat with me. Here's our conversation:

Boo: He's really competative.

Me: You're all really competative Boo.

Boo: Who's the least competative of us?

Me: Your Mom.

Boo: Who's the most competative?

Me: I don't know Boo, you're all really competative.

Boo: Me? Am I the most competative? You think it's me, don't you?

Me: I really don't know.

Boo: Are you sure? Are you sure that it isn't me?

Me: (thinking) No, maybe not the most competative but DEFINATELY the most STUBBORN! LOL

Friday, January 11, 2008

So today and yesterday I........

subbed with my last class. LOL Yep, I missed ONE DAY of school, then I was back there! I had a great time. Several of the teachers, and the secretary, told me that they had missed me the day that I wasn't there! I really will miss being there. I mean, I feel so comfortable and welcome. I just love all the teachers. I am subbing next week, for a half day, with the 5th grade. In Feb for the 4th grade for a half day, and for 3 days in March for 4th grade. One of the kinder teachers told me today that she's going to be mad if they don't hire me for fall!! She's going to write me a letter of recommendation and try to get as many of the teachers as possible to write ones for me as well. lol Can you just imagine me going in for an interview for one of the classes at the school with letters from half or more of the staff? LOL That would be brilliant!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Popcorn anyone?

Yeah, you don't want it in MY house! lol Brad & Riley are popcorn fiends! Riley can eat a whole snack bag himself. Now, before you say "Yeah, well, so can I!" remember that he is only 2! And he's only 25lbs. And 33 inches tall. He's a little guy!

So, last night, Brad made popcorn for them. Goes to the cabinet, grabs the popcorn's a powder that comes like a spice jar. Heck, you even buy it with the spices. Shakes a bunch on. Comes back into the living room. Takes a bite. "Shit." "What?", says I, the ever loving and concerned wife. "I think I grabbed the garlic salt instead of the popcorn butter." I didn't think anything of it. Until I could start smelling them! OMG!!! There was enough garlic in that popcorn to ward off Louis, Lestat, Claudia, Armand and the whole gang!!! Trust me, no vampire is coming near my house anytime soon!

I went to kiss Riley goodnight and almost gagged. :( Not good when you're the mommy. He still smelled like garlic after his nap today. :( He doesn't now...but when he first woke up he did.

My question to the both: WHY THE HECK DID YOU KEEP EATING IT!????????? LOL

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dot dog pease

Is what my DARLING 2 year old said to the waitress at lunch today! Dot dog...there is no cuter way to ask for a hot dog in my opinion! When someone else at our table was ordering, he tugged on my sleeve and said "I want dot dog pease!" Too cute! My little man, who is such a boy, is actually learning some manners! He sneezed the other day. I said "God bless you." He replied "Tanks!" LOL I mean, really! How cute! I hope that it lasts. I hope that he continues to be polite. But I am not holding my breath! All we can do is keep repeating how to say things politely.

It's been a while since I blogged. I was really busy with school ending, making candy for Christmas, being gone for Christmas, being gone for New Years Eve. Now we're home and we're staying home for a bit. Sort of. lol My back has been killing me for a while now. So I went to the chiropractor today. Tomorrow I get a massage, eye brow wax, & my hair cut & colored. YAY!!! I can't wait.

I am so thrilled to be done with school. I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that I am DONE! Mostly!! I have to finish my portfolio. Which I am getting more pissed at my professor for not getting back to me about. I emailed her 5 of the 7 domains to be completed and I have not heard back on any of them. I understand that it has been the holidays, but this is bs. Especially given that she's been a flake about it all for a while now. I am actually putting together a novel, I mean LETTER, to the president of the uni because I am just so fed up and pissed off with them.

I don't know. I am sitting here, writing, chatting on IM with Blythe, and sipping hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme (YUM!), listening to a storm. I just put Riley down for the night. A bit later than normal, but he napped until 7 so how can I argue with him staying up late? Plus he had to shower with Daddy. Which was funny to hear. "It's COLD!" LOL Man, that kid knows his mind!

Alright, that's it for now. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed!!!