Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm a little ticked

You know, when someone is losing their f'ing mind and isn't acting normal for them wouldn't you think that someone close to them would notice and SAY SOMETHING!? Needless to say, I'm a little ticked that NO ONE either noticed that I was acting odd or that NO ONE SAID A FUCKING THING TO ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo pissed.

I am so tired of listening to everyone bitch about their lives but no one takes the fucking time to listen to ME when I feel like EVERY FUCKING THING IS FALLING APART!

Yeah, I'm pissed, can ya tell?

I wasn't acting like myself for a few weeks and no one bothered to say a damn thing.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I think he's part cat.

You know how when cat's do something stupid, like fall off something, they get that look like "I meant to do that" or "I didn't really fall, you imagined it"? Yeah, that's my kid!!

I'm in the living room & B is getting R in jammies in my room. I hear this loud THUD! Well, both cats are with me. Here's the conversation:


Me: Did he just fall off the bed?

Brad: Yes.

Riley: NO!

Brad: Yes you did!

R: No I didn't!!

B: Yes you did!


B: Yes you did, you just didn't cry!

And no, he didn't cry. But I am!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am thankful for...

My Dad

That is the list my 3 year old gave his daycare lady when asked what he was thankful for to put it on the Thankful Tree.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Frigging goat in my road!

So I live in the boonies. I've been caught in a cattle drive trying to get out of town, just to give you an idea of what it's like here.

I'm driving home tonight. R is in the backseat, B is in his car behind us. THERE WAS A FRIGGING GOAT IN THE ROAD!!!!!!! Not a deer, not a cow (cow pasture next to me), A FRIGGING GOAT!!!

Now, understand, I HATE goats. I despise them. They are evil and I hate them all because they are goats. There is zero need for goats on this planet and they shouldn't be here. Can you tell me anything good that goats do? No, because they don't do anything good. They are stupid and evil.

So what do I do? I stop, completely, to make sure that the goat gets into the field. Flash my lights at the car coming toward me to let them know that something is going on (common practice around here when an animal is in the road). Had to honk my horn before the stupid frigging goat went into the field.

The rest of the way home, about 10 min, I'm muttering about the frigging goat in the road. Get home, B goes to pull R out of the car seat and R looks at him and says "Frigging goat in road Daddy!" LMBO!!

Thank God I said "frigging" and not what I was thinking!!! I thought the little monkey was asleep.

A FRIGGING GOAT IN THE ROAD!!! My God. And to think I thought that I'd never see another animal in the road that would surprise me!

R almost got kidnapped today!

Or at least I *thought* he was!

We were outside the restaurant after lunch, which was in a casino. So a lot of people. R was playing with my sis's bf. I was looking at my uncle. I see, out of the corner of my eye, a gray arm go around R. OMG!

I turned, sliding my purse down my arm to hit the person in the head with it. As I turn I notice, "OH SHIT! That's DAD!" LMBO!

He had come back inside, walked up and grabbed R from behind to tickle him.

I told him that he almost got whacked with my purse and why. He said "Good!" So at least he was understanding! lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Train show

Well, R has been dry since last Mon, Nov. 3. I need to wash one more load of diapers because there have been a couple used, but that's it. I'm DONE WASHING DIAPERS!!!!! He is still in a 'sposie over night and at nap time, but that's it. Over 3 years of washing diapers 3 times a week, DONE!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

Sat we took him to a train show. It was fun. He always has fun at these things. I took some pics of one of the layouts and the men running the layout want me to email the pics so that they can put them on the web site. :) Anyway, the train show was fun.

We're watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" right now. R loves this movie. It's a little weird that he loves it so much. But he LOVES Jack. lol And amazing to me that he'll sit through it. But he loves it. Tries to remove heads like Jack can remove his too. lol Kids!

Today is veterans day. So no school today for the district, which means no subbing. And tomorrow I go to the neurologist. So nothing for tomorrow. Hopefully something for Thurs. And Fri. And next week too. I'm stressing with no jobs. I want to be working. I was counting on the extra money for Christmas. :(

Oh well, time to get on with my day! Later!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So tired

I had my MRI today. To do it I had to take 2 Ativan's. I did fine. But that was at 9 this morning. It's 6:50 & I'm still a little bit loopy. Tons of fun.

The election is over

And I'm happy and sad about results. About par for things like this!!

Barack Obama will become the President of the United States on January 20, 2009. I'm not thrilled with this. His views are very socialistic. And while I was once a socialist myself, I do not think that it is the right way for the country to go. Many political experts think that he will lean more centrist when he takes office. We will see.

In California, 95% of precincts are reporting, so some things could change.

Prop 1A, which is a bond that would bring high speed rail to California, is currently passing. 52% to 48%.

Prop 2, which gives basic animal rights to farm animals, passed 63% to 37%. YAY!! This means that the animals should have time to get out of cages and move.

Prop 3, a bond measure to support specific children's hospitals in Southern Cali, is passing. 55% to 45%. This should have been regional to the areas that would use this.

Prop 4, which would require parental notification of a minor having an abortion 48 hrs prior, did not pass. 52% say no, 48% say yes. I'm saddened by this. The school nurse can't give your 17 year old senior an aspirin but a dr can rip another life out of your daughter and you might never know. Taking an aspirin doesn't usually have physical or emotional effects. An abortion does 100% of the time.

Prop 5, which would allow non-violent drug offenders to go to rehab rather than jail has lost. 60% to 40%.

Prop 6, which would give a certain amount of money to fire and police resources has lost. IMO, the amount they are asking is far too much for a state with financial woes. It's 69% to 31%.

Prop 7, which would require a certain percentage of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2010 failed. The time frame isn't do-able. The new plants wouldn't be able to be built in that time. 65% to 35% for that one.

Prop 8 saddens me. A state constitutional amendment to make marriage between one man and one woman. Which forbids gays fro getting married. CIVIL RIGHTS ANYONE!? 52% to 48%. I keep hoping and praying that this can turn around with the last 5%.

Prop 9 has more notification to victims for court dates, hearing, parole hearings, etc. It's passing, 53% to 47%.

Prop 10 would be bonds that would give money to people for buying cars that run on alternative fuels. Absolutely a stupid idea. 60% no to 40% yes.

Prop 11 would have committees formed for redistricting rather than just having redistricting done by the reps. (this is so stupid to have to vote on! Isn't it common sense that redistricting is done by the people so that they can keep their jobs?) 51% to 49%. I think some people (*coughcoughpoliticianscoughcough*) voted more than once on this. Cuz if people were not stupid this would make sense.

Prop 12 gives loan assistance to vets for buying homes and farms. Apparently it's been in place since WWI. It's passed, 63% to 37%.

Locally, two of the three people I wanted for city counsel were reelected. And I don't know what will happen with the 3rd. They have the same percent of votes, 17%, but are separated by 2 points. So I don't know if they will have to refight it out or if the one with more votes gets it.

And our county Measure M that will allow us to have non-volunteer fire fighters has passed. 69% to 31%. YAY!!!! We can have PAID fire protection now!!

So, I'm saddened by Obama being elected. I'm saddened by Prop 8 being shot down. I'm saddened by Prop 4 not happening.

I'm thrilled by Prop 7. And I'm thrilled by Prop 2 (hey, I WAS a member of PETA!).

We'll see what changes really happen.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I am so tired. I have been being climbed on for HOURS. I kid you not, R wanted to watch Nemo but he hasn't actually SAT for it. He's been climbing over ME instead! Little monkey.

Election Day

Today is Election Day in the US. I don't care how you vote. Just VOTE. Make sure that you're educated on the issues and go VOTE. This is more important than anyone realizes. We have a wonderful right in this country. GO EXERCISE IT!!


Monday, November 03, 2008


Halloween was soooo much FUN! R was a blue butterfly, per his own request. He was so excited about it. It was cute. Everyone thought that he was adorable. And, of course, he was!!

Tomorrow is election day. Thank God! I am so DONE with this election cycle. I am tired of hearing what's wrong with the other guy . . . I wanna hear what YOU ARE going to do! I don't care that you THINK that Obama is gonna align us with terrorist, or that McCain is the devil. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO????????? I am so tired of it. Honestly, anyone who is currently in politics should not be allowed to run again. I'm just done. We need a revolution in this country, and we need it soon.

I can't believe it. Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry's are giving away free things for voting. I can't believe that that is necessary to get people to vote. Well, no I can. In general, people are stupid and need to be bribed to do what is right for themselves.

Anyway, gonna get this living room clean! If you're a U.S. citizen, VOTE TOMORROW!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Star Trek

"Can we watch Star Trek?" That's what I was asked tonight. Followed by "Or Star Gate?" BY MY 3 YEAR OLD!!! lol R is a sci-fi geek. It's too funny.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

At least he knows his shapes

The other week I thought that Riley knew circle, square, triangle, oval and diamond. He made some noises that made me think that he knew heart but I wasn't 100%. I am now.

Unfortunately I know this because he peed on my couch. The shape looked a bit like a lopsided heart. *sigh* His comment was "Look Mama! I peed a HEART!"

At least he knows his shapes.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need to watch my language

LOL The other night I tripped over a toy in R's room and then stepped on another toy. My response, logically, was "SHIT!" R, of course, responded with "SHIT!" B went in, and when leaving tripped over the same toy. Riley yelled, "SHIT!" LOL I shouldn't have laughed, but how could I not? It was hysterical! We did have a talk about appropriate language though.

Today was just running around. Went to a craft fair. Bought R a train puzzle that he'll get for Christmas. I don't know what else he'll get this year. Haven't thought that far ahead! lol He's showing more interest in things this year though, so there will be some serious thought going into it. And he's into more than just trains.

Bought him his Halloween costume. He's being a blue butterfly. Yep, that's right, a BLUE BUTTERFLY. My SON. lol It's so cute! He is so excited. But today at KMart we found blue butterfly wings and antenna for $5. And I bought him navy blue sweats and long sleeved t-shirt the other night. Now that I think about it though, they should be black. *shrug* Oh well, I'll buy black too!

Alright, gotta get ready for our trip!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

What a week!

R is just being a monster. I don't know what the deal is, the fact that we just had a full moon? IDK, but it's awful! He talks back, tells me to shut up, doesn't do what I tell him, all of it. It's like he's a teenager at 3! He is just foul.

Today we were playing and he kicked me in the head. Yep, on purpose! Needless to say THAT didn't fly! lol He is napping now. He needs it. I think that's part of the problem, not enough sleep. I hope this improves his mood when he wakes up.

I can't figure out what's up. My bank account isn't balancing out. I can't figure out what I did. But it's a HUGE difference. We're talking over $100 off. At this point I just can't do anything with it because I have to wait for things to clear. Some of it will be explained when the two things from yesterday post but that isn't all of it either. ARGH! I HATE when this happens. :(

Went to the outlets yesterday with K & the girls. Bought R some jammies. And underwear. I need to get him jeans and some long sleeved shirts too. Looking at size charts yesterday I realize that he's taller than I thought! lol It's easy to ignore when it's hot and he's in shorts all the time. But now that he's in pants and long sleeves it's hard to ignore. You know, when the sleeves don't reach the wrists it's a bad thing. lol

I got a lot of stuff done today though. I got the rest of the laundry done & put away. Put the dishes away. Made breakfast. Washed the sheets. Taught R to make his bed and to hang up his shirts. There was more, but I don't remember what it was now. lol

I'm just tired today. It's gloomy out. But it's over 80*'s. Oh well. It's fall. It shouldn't be this warm out. But whatever. *shrug* Not like I can change it.

Oh well, I'm gonna try to sell some books on Later!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling somewhat better

It's been a long few days. But I'm feeling somewhat better.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I. cannot. handle. this.

Is it too much to fucking ask that someone, anyone, remembers that a year ago I lost a baby? Even my stupid ass fucking HUSBAND didn't remember. And when I mentioned that I was having a rough fucking time, what is his response? To go back to sleep. Fuck him. Fuck everyone.

I'm had 3 miscarriages. And what do people say? First it was "Well, at least you got pregnant." Fuck you. Now it's "Be thankful for the one you have." Double fuck you, asshole. Because mourning the ones I lost somehow means that I am NOT thankful for Riley? I hate people. I am sick of acting like these losses didn't matter.

They DID matter, and they DO matter. They were little PEOPLE. They were PART of ME. I hate everyone right now. And yes, that includes Brad. I don't hate Riley. He's too little to know.

I'm just done.

I can't handle this.

I can't handle hurting like this.

I can't handle it.

I can't handle it.

I can't handle it.

I'm losing my fucking mind.

I'm done.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A few Riley-isms

"Da', I need quarter." Apparently he wanted to play a video game.

"Targate! Targate!" While watching the opening credits of Stargate on the SciFi channel the other night. How he knew what it was when the opening credits for the ones we have on DVD are different is beyond me.

"I want un-wear." Yep, that's my boy, asking to wear underwear instead of a diaper. I'm a little sad. Ok, not really. I really want him to potty train NOW!

"Want Star! Want Star!" Yep, that would be my 3 year old asking for Starbucks.

"Want cossey." Yeah, coffee. He asks for coffee. And yes, sometimes he gets it. With a lot of milk! Basically, Riley likes a little coffee in his milk. :)

"Chitty Chat." That would be kitty cat to the rest of the world.

And in what world do cars fly? Oh yes, RILEY's world! lol

"Lisko" That would be him asking to hear Shiny Toy Guns. lol

I'll post more as I think of them.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Favorite song

Well, Riley has a new favorite song. Shiny Toys Guns, Le Disko. He calls it "My song." Or, if we push and ask what the name of the song is, he will say "Lisko" It's really cute. Not totally sure what it says about Brad & I as parents, that this is our 3 yr olds favorite song. Here's a link to the bands site, with the lyrics.

On the other hand my day is not shaping up well. Riley pooped on the floor. Then got busted playing in the toilet. Bismarck just puked on the floor. All this before noon! ARGH!! CALGON! TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let the work begin!!!

So I was a little sad on Wednesday. It was the first day of school and I don't have a job. But then today I went online and I had requests for me for subbing for 6 days!! Four days in Aug, 2 in Sept. I am thrilled!! This is awesome!! And I was added to the jr high lists as well, so hopefully I will get more work!

Today was gymnastics. Tons of fun. There was a new kid there. Poor thing. Not even 2 yet and there with the 4 kids. Let's see, one who will be 3 in Oct, one who will be 3 in Sept, one who just turned 3, and then one who will be 5 in Jan. It was rather crazy! I hope they come back next week.

Tomorrow will be nice. Provided that I can get my stuff together I'm going to scrap for the day tomorrow and then tomorrow night is moms night out. :) So that will be nice! But I need some time tonight to get my stuff organized and figure out what I'm going to work on. If I'd planned ahead I'd have my Disney stuff organized, but I didn't. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Alright, hubby will be home soon. Later!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Customer service? What's that?

Ok, I must be having a week. I kid you not, I had the following conversation last night. We were at Applebees. I ordered a Perfect Margarita. It comes in a shaker tin with a strainer and you pour it.

Me: There's some green stuff floating in here.
Waitress: Oh, that's just mint.
Me: But there's no mint in this drink.
Waitress: Oh but we make mojitos.
Me: But this is a margarita. No mint in it.
Waitress: Well, I wanted you to know it wasn't something gross.
Me: It's something in my tin that shouldn't be there. That's gross in my book.
Waitress: But it's just mint. It must have not come out in the dishwasher.
Me: Which is gross.
Waitress: Well, I want you to know it was washed.
Me: It's still left over food. And I'm really bothered by the fact that the bartender would serve this in a tin that was dirty.
Waitress: Oh, well, she's really busy right now . . .
Me: So?
Waitress: Well, I'll get you a new one.
Me: That's ok. I'll take an iced tea with extra lemon.
Waitress: Ok, lemonade.
Me: TEA! Extra lemon!

Waitress walks away.

Me to Brad: Oh my gosh! You'd think they would be able to hire someone with a brain!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am so done

Men, forewarning that this is a rant about af and the other issues that I get when she's around. So here's your warning to leave if you want! :)

I'm done. I am so sick and tired of my period showing up whenever it wants. Schedule? What's THAT? What do you mean I'm supposed to come every 28 days? I come when I want! I don't CARE if you're in the middle of the stupid grocery store. What's a calendar anyway?

So I started Sunday, while out running errands, 2 weeks late. Thankfully on Sat I had put a pair of panties in the diaper bag for me because we were going to be out and it was going to be hot and I knew that I'd want to change my underwear. Thankfully Brad is helpful enough to think nothing of it when I call him from the bathroom asking for the diaper bag.

I am so done with having PCOS. I am obviously out of remission. My periods are getting later and later. I wish I could go in, have a blood test that says "Yes, the PCOS is out of remission. Take THIS." and have it help. I want to cry.

I'm done having kids. Why can't I just go through menopause NOW? Let's not forget that at almost 35 my hormones are shifting anyway so everything is tweaked. Add to it the mess of PCOS and I am just done.


Saturday, August 02, 2008


I absolutely cannot believe that my baby is three years old.

Three years ago today I was sitting in the hospital in Sacramento having just had a c-section. I cannot believe that three years have gone by. It seems like he was just born. Other times it seems like he has always been here. He was worth the long wait that we had though. He is sitting here with me, eating M&M's because he pooped on the toilet. With any luck this kid will potty train at some point!

I just never thought that I could love someone as much as I love him. He is so sweet, so loving, so ornery! lol It's amazing that a child, who is so sweet can be such a trial sometimes too! But he is my joy. I love him so much. I am so blessed to have him!

Happy third birthday Little Dude!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


The stupid COW that was selling the house my parents were buying changed her mind.

Long weekend

I am not even sure I remember Friday. Oh yeah. I remember. Friday was the swim party and lunch at my friends house. It's something that she's trying to do every Fri. Whoever can make it does, we all bring something to share for lunch, the kids play and whoever wants to swim does. Then we got home, and left to go meet ANOTHER friend at the park for dinner & play time before swimming lessons.

Saturday we went to go see my grandma, who is doing really well btw, and then we went to Train Town. Then dinner with my folks. It doesn't sound like much but it was almost 6 hours of driving total.

Sunday was INSANE. Here was the plan: church, lunch, Target, home, clean, fair for rides and demolition derby. Church & lunch went fine. lol At lunch my friends dh called Brad. Said he had a new toy he wanted Brad to see. Brad's reply "Oh yeah, I heard!" "Wow, news travels fast." was his reply. Yeah, it does. Realized that I had forgotten to put my id and debit card back in my wallet so we went to Target and had them give us a gift card for the stuff we were returning because they would have put it on the card I didn't have and I needed things. Then we went to my friends house. The new toy was NOT the new Escalade they got on Fri but a new MOTORCYCLE! lol So no, news didn't travel fast!! We were thinking the wrong thing! lol Kids swam, had fun, came home, changed clothes and went to the fair.

Our fair is short, 4 days. So yesterday was the last day. We had promised Riley he could go on rides tonight. So we hit the demolition derby then rides. Got home around 11.

Had lunch with S today. Well, we planned to anyway. Sat down, Susan brought us our drinks. K called her. He'd wrecked while on the bike. He is currently at the hospital getting cleaned up. Nothing broken or anything but road rash at 70 mph isn't nice. I really don't know what to think. He doesn't have a motorcycle license. He hasn't taken a course. NOTHING.

Oh well, off to put away groceries then to get Riley for swimming!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feel like I'm gonna cry

and I really don't know why I feel this way. I'm not sure if it is relief, fear or what.

We got back from taking my fil to the airport last night to a message that I have a dr appt tomorrow (Thurs) with my GI dr for a follow up on my EDG. Well, this doesn't work! I don't have childcare, Brad can't take the time off right now and I CAN'T take Riley to this appt. I was able to talk to him on the phone just a few minutes ago.

My biopsy's are fine. Except that they show this thing that is basically like asthma of the esophogus. It is usually related to food allergies. Of course, the 3 top allergens are things that make no sense for me. Eggs--which I don't eat. And I understand that eggs are in other things, but I don't even eat THOSE things on a daily basis. Seafood---I don't eat. Any fish. If it swam I don't eat it. The only think with fish in it in my house is Worcheshire Sauce. Some Italian dressings have anchovie paste but I buy the ones without it because my mom is allergic. And lastly, peanuts. Again, I don't eat nuts often enough. And I know that it could be something that is manufactured in a plant with nuts but again, not in my diet on a regular enough basis to explain something that happens almost daily.

I need to keep a food journal for 2 months then I will go back in with the journal to look at it. The only thing I am to do is take my Prilosec daily ("ignore the take it 30 min before you eat, just take it every morning!"), take my Pepcid Complete at bedtime, no soda (have maybe one a week) and no coffee (I don't drink it at all). When I go back in we will look and see and then decide the next course of action. Next course will be cutting things out of my diet. And maybe an inhaler, similar to what you'd have for asthma.


Trying to catch up

I am trying to catch up on all the work around the house that Brad didn't do this weekend. I've got a load in the washer, one in the dryer. I just don't feel like I can get it all done today. Course, sitting on my butt on the computer isn't getting the work done.

I'm a little bit anxious. Apparently I was supposed to have a follow up with the GI dr to go over my results. When they biopsied my mole they sent me a letter that it was negative, which we knew. The fact that he wants to see me to go over it makes me nervous. But I don't know what I can do as far as getting in. You can't frigging call me with a "reminder" on Tues night for a Thurs appt! It's only a reminder if I knew about the appt before hand! ARGH! So now I wait to hear if he will do a phone call or not.

We're also waiting to hear if the offer mom & dad put on a house is accepted or not.


More on Reno

Alright, as my brain is starting to work again I can fill in more. lol

Friday night Blythe & I wore boobie shirts as Jen called them. Mine was my really tight Luxt t-shirt that says "Suck it Down" on the front and "God's Ex-Girlfriend" on the back. B's was just super low-cut. We were walking through the casino with me in front, then Blythe, then Jen. We were getting 2nd & 3rd looks. lol I even got the comment "I'd suck THOSE down". lol BOYS! Here is what Jen said about it, from her view:

"Okay the "suck it down" story. So night one...Suzanne puts on this T-shirt that is a boobie shirt cause it hugs the girls (And Suz has girls!...unlike myself) that reads "suck it down" on the front and "God's ex-girlfriend" on the back. (It's a t-shirt from a Sac punk band). And Mrs Blythe puts on a boobie shirt in all sense of the world...boobie A and boobie B get introduced to Reno on night one. Where as myself is stuck in my boobie less attire as one must have cleavage to wear boobie shirts otherwise you look like a flat chest boy (aka me). So we go strolling through the casinos...Suzanne leading the way with Blythe following and me bringing up the I get to witness the shock and awe that follows in their wake. The men we encountered would first read Suzanne's shirt (twice many times making sure they read it right)...break into a huge grin (or in the case of the old man stunned confusion) then they got the sight of Blythe's twins wrestling under that top and the double take becomes a triple take as they trip over themselves in confused ecstasy. By the time they get to me they are so bewildered its hilarious and I'm just dying with laughter as we walk through the casinos...yes ladies this continued all weekend long. Suzanne and Blythe were both blessed with boobies to die for and the men appreciated them at great length while I laughed my butt off."

Sat & Sun nights we used some of my cheap silvery/glittery eyeshadow to show off "the girls". Course for B & I this wasn't doing much, just drawing attention to what we already had. Jen joked that we were trying to make it look like she has cleavage. lol

It was a really fun trip. Blythe got a new tat on our way home on Mon. Ray, the tat artist, was HOT!! lol Made me want to get a tat! lol NOT! So that was most of our trip. As things come to mind I'll add more!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to get kicked off a plane

Good lord. This is what was in my FIL's bag that he was checking tonight (he is flying back to Maine):

2 feet of PVC pipe
3 extension cords
5 valves
copper pipe fittings
multiple types of blades
bungee cords

and on top of all of it? A pillow. Oh, and 3 pages listing chemicals.

*sigh* This is my life. Anyone wanna trade? At least this time we didn't get a call to come pick something up like we did when he tried to take a weed-eater to France. *sigh*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again home again, jiggity jig

We're home from Reno. We had a TON of fun!! We stayed at Circus Circus because it is the least expensive hotel that isn't scary. lol

We got there on Friday and went and gambled. Saturday we went shopping then we gambled. lol We decided that it would be fun to collect players cards from all the casinos. I came home with 9 of them. Let's see . . . Circus Circus, Boomtown, Harrahs, Fitzgeralds, Atlantis, Peppermill, Silver Legacy, El Dorado, and Cal Neva. I came home with the same amount of cash as I left with. WOOHOO!!!

B got a new tattoo today. And we drank a few Midori Sours. lol Course that was NOT today! lol

We had a lot of fun. And now I am home and snuggling with Riley while we watch Pooh Bear.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Just a few more hours!

And I get to leave for Reno!!! YAY!!!

We have swim lessons from 11-11:30 then I come home and Blythe & Jen should already be here! YAY!!!!!! Then off to Reno. The only thing totally planned is that Blythe & I are getting pedi's tomorrow and Jen is getting her eyebrows waxed.

Probably won't be around this weekend because idk if we'll have internet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Less than 2 days!!!

Till I leave for Reno. I can't wait. I really really can't wait. On Sat Blythe & I are getting pedicures and Jen is getting her eyebrows waxed.

Tomorrow after swim lessons we're having a picnic in the park with Lily & her mom and the little boy around the corner. That will be fun!

I am so tired. Off to shower and go to bed. :) Night!


Monday, July 14, 2008

My child is a freak!

He is sitting and punching the cat door like it's a punching bag. It's hysterical!

4 days!!!!!

Only 4 days till I leave for Reno. I'm ready to go NOW! lol

Swim lessons started today. Riley did really good. They had the kids sit on the side of the pool and slide in to us. Not Riley. He jumped in! lol He put his face right in the water and blew bubbles. He just all around had fun.

Before we left I changed his diaper and got him dressed. Wet diaper, not dirty. I'm dressing him and he says "I poop. I fart. I poop. I fart." So I ignore this. I mean, he IS a boy! Less than 3 minutes later he looks at me and says "I poop!" I check. Yep! That little monster did not poop in the disposable but waited till he was in cloth and then pooped not 5 minutes after being put into a clean diaper! BOYS!

Off to daydream about Reno!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

My fence is done!

I HAVE A FENCE!!! This is the fence we got:

Yesterday Brad & Stan put in the fence posts. Today they put in the actual panels. Brad still needs to screw them into the the posts, but that's ok. :) Those will get done one or two at a time till it's done by the end of the week. We also need to get the gate cut and made. We were one panel short, the one for the gate, so we went and got it today.

And hit Target. And Old Navy. I'm sooooooo grumpy with them! They have the CUTEST skirt in the store, but not in my size. So I look online and I can't even find the stupid skirt online at all.

Oh, and did I mention? 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!! (Although it's really close to being 4 days!!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

6 days!!!!!!!

Six days till Reno. Six days till Reno. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I cannot WAIT!

Monday starts swim lessons. This is going to be a chaotic week.

Mon.: Swim lessons 11-11:30. Take R to T's. Hit Walmart for thread for Tues projects.

Tues.: Swim lessons 11-11:30. K is coming up with the girls to help with my sewing projects. The problem with being so short is getting things that fit! I have some skirts that I want to shorten as well as some shirts. Hopefully with Brad's new schedule they will stay and hang out for a while and maybe BBQ with us.

Wed.: Swim lessons 11-11:30. Take R to T's. Dentist at 1 for me.

Thurs.: Swim lessons 11-11:30. Maybe have a picnic in the park with R after class. Pack. Hopefully make it to hip hop class with Shawna.

Fri.: Swim lessons 11-11:30. Take R to T's. Come home, change, leave with Blythe and Jen!

Sat: WHO CARES!?!?!?!?! LOL I will be in Reno, hopefully relaxing!

Sun.: Same as Sat.

Mon we come home. And we have swim lessons that night. I think at 6. And that goes all week.

Well this is going to be a ton of fun, although busy. It will be fun!!! I have to try to stay somewhat contained though so as not to drive Brad crazy!


Happy birthday Jenn!!!

You're 21 . . . again!!! This is what, 20 years of being 21? LOL You are such a wonderful friend. I am so glad that I've gotten to know you. You have held me through tears, through the good, through the bad, through the ugly. You are truly a good friend.

Last night was a ton of fun! Shawna and I took Jenn out for her birthday. We had dinner, then went to see Hancock, the new Will Smith movie. I didn't want to see it and I LOVED it! It was so good. There was this total twist in it that was awesome! Totally not expected at all. Then we went home. It was a nice night, mellow and calm. Still stayed out late.

Brad & Kevin took the kids (sans Hannah) to a park to a band. The kids played and really had fun. They might go again next week. lol Good. Maybe he will start to trust Brad and open up more.

Today brad & his dad got all the posts in place for our fence. Tomorrow they are going to finish putting the fence up. I can't wait! I am thrilled. Finally a front fence.

Alright, off to do my day!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

New job

I am soooooooo excited. Here's what happened:

Yesterday Brad's work called. They wanted him to come in for a formal interview for plant engineer. Well, it was NOT an interview, it was an offer! AND it was MORE MONEY than we expected!!! *happydance* Beyond excited on my end.

The best part? It was effective immediately. Which means that he started today. :) He was supposed to go on night shift tonight and instead he is at work today and he will be home tonight! YAY!!!!!!!

Can you tell that I am excited!?


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday was fun!

Well, yesterday was fun. Shopping, lunch, dying hair. What ISN'T fun about that? lol

Blythe's hair came out fine. Not as dark as we wanted but it's nice.

I'm getting to go get a massage and see the chiropractor today. YAY! lol Is it sad that the chiropractor is a highlight of my day? Yes? Well piss off! My back hurts! lol

Alright, going to go get ready!


Monday, July 07, 2008

It's almost TUESDAY!!!!!

And Tuesday I get to go to Blythe's. We're going shopping for our Reno trip, on the 28th, and dying her hair. I need the day away. I'm going crazy here.

And Wednesday I get a massage. NICE!!

The wedding

was AWESOME!!!! It was beautiful, went off without a hitch, she was GORGEOUS, he was . . . handsome. IDK, it's hard to think of Daniel as handsome! lol

I'm gonna start with the bachelorette party. First, the bride, maid of honor, myself and one other bridesmaid went to get pedicures. Did that, it was great. I got 4th of July toes. Blue, red stripe on the tips of the big toes, and clear star shaped rhinestones! lol FUN!

The other bridesmaid and I went to lunch, Fresh Choice. I couldn't believe that she had NEVER been to one! I remember back when they were HEALTHY! lol Anyway, her and I did that, the other 2 went to the airport to pick up the 5th bridesmaid. (The 4th was already here, staying with her sister.)

We were supposed to go play mini-golf but there were over 700 wild fires in the state at the time and the air quality was so bad. So we found this totally kick butt place to go, Monster Mini Golf. Black lights, glow in the dark paint, the whole 9 yards. Totally fun.

Picked up the last bridesmaid at the airport, went to Elephant Bar for dinner, I went home, they all had a sleep over at the maid of honors house.

Friday we decorated for the reception. The 3 girls from Portland & I went to the hotel, showered, rested, got ready for the rehearsal. Got to the rehearsal and the groom was . . . LATE! Totally typical of him! lol Did the rehearsal, had a groomsman pretend to faint (completely hysterical btw!), etc. It was typical.

The dinner was a Texas BBQ complete with my favorite, sweet tea! It was really fun. After us girls went in the hot tub at the hotel. His parents went totally overboard though. Oh my word! lol They had a guest book, Texas flags, favors with "Daniel and Adrienne Rehearsal Dinner" and the date on them. Eh, what do I expect? I got a FORMAL invitation!

Saturday was the wedding. I got to the church at 10:30, which is when Adrienne wanted us there. Laura & the Portland girls were still at the hotel. They didn't get to the church until after 11. Took lots of pics of us girls, had lots of fun.

I thought that I was going to pass out at the wedding. My feet swelled and so I didn't fit in my shoes but didn't realize that until we were up at the alter. Oh it was HORRID. :( I really thought that I was going to fall over.

The reception was nice. Appetizer type foods because of the time. Cake. The usual. Nothing super spectacular.

I did have to laugh at the other girls. On Friday they were all talking about how we were going to send someone to get lunch for us all before the wedding, which was at 1. Now, I was the only one who is married. I knew that this wasn't going to happen. But they were all so sure of themselves! I just bought Adrienne and myself some snacks at Starbucks! lol

Adrienne's parents had an after reception reception at the hotel. Which we went to. They had beef, chicken, potatoes, Caesar salad, rolls and cake. And lots and lots of wine and beer. That was fun too.

So all in all it went well. It was expensive but fun. I will NOT be in another wedding until Riley gets married though. I'm DONE!!! lol Fortunately no one is still single. No one better get divorced though!

Total cost:
Dress: $155
Alterations: $60
Shoes: $40
Bra: $48
Panties that don't show under dress: $6
Swimsuit for hot tub: $30
Bachelorette Party: $50
Pedicure: $67
Total: $456

Cost of seeing that look on Adrienne's face when the pastor introduced them: PRICELESS!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The grocery store

was interesting today. Riley was in a GREAT mood. Before we left he was swinging from furniture supports, chasing the cat, hiding in the closet, and generally acting his age. LOL But oh Lord, I was NOT looking forward to this! But I had to go to get Brad's new prescription.

I resorted to something that I do NOT do . . . "If you're good I'll get you a treat!" Now, given that Riley calls pickles, olives, and fruit leathers "treats" I wasn't concerned. He wanted a Hershey bar. Fine.

In the store though . . . oh MAN! He was NOT naughty. He was just . . . wound up! These carts are kind of low. So he can grab the handle and have his feet reach the ground. So he would grab the handle and let his feet drag while I pushed. Then he went around to the side of the cart to ride there. Then back to the handle. Back and forth.

To top it off, a trip that [b][i]should[/i][/b] have taken 15 min total took 45! It's 5 minutes to get to the store and back! I just kept hearing "Hi Suzanne!" "Hi Mrs. LastName!" Ah, the joys of living and working in a small town! I knew over half the people in the market!

I know that it has been a while since I wrote anything. Let's just say that it's been busy! I interviewed at Plymouth and didn't get it. The new principal wanted teachers with at least a year of experience. Makes sense since she has never been a principal before.

Brad Riley & I went to Reno. That was fun. Had Mother's Day, had Father's Day. I don't know, it's been busy but nothing is really going on!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Ducks in the creek

Well, Saturday was the annual Sutter Creek Rubber Duck Race. lol Talk about a ton of fun! For $15 we bought 3 ducks that raced in 2 of the 3 races. And Riley got to pick a "duckling" for the Duckling race. They had 2 bounce houses ($2 for a wrist band for the day!), food, face painting, pet a pig and games. It was really fun. Riley loved it. We will definitely be going next year!

I've been subbing up a storm! Mainly in Ione. The teachers there feel that I will get hired IF something goes public. But that's the catch, something has to go public. It's stressful, this waiting.

Fri Jenn & I took Shawna out for her b-day. We went to RPM & raced. Then we went to the mall and had dinner. It was a BLAST!!!

Helen emailed me and told me that she shipped my Smarties! Hopefully they'll arrive soon.

I don't know . . . I'm a bit burnt out today. Subbed in 1st grade today. Hoping to work tomorrow since I'm not available on Wed, but at the same time I want to be able to go have breakfast with Shawna after Satori. We'll see what happens. part of me doesn't want to go back to class. I've been gone over a month. And I haven't been keeping up at home. Which I should be doing. But I don't. And it sucks. I need to get off my lazy ass and exercise more. But it's so frustrating when no matter what you do the pounds don't come off. I mean, why bust my butt, literally, working out when it does no good? I know I know, I need to get back to the low/no carb thing. But it's HARD. And frustrating. Oh well, enough bitching for now!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trains trains and more trains

Well, it is official. Riley is getting bored with his wooden trains. He was playing more with his G-Scale trains. Then he started to get bored with those. Now he is playing more with his H-O Scale trains. They are much smaller. I find it amazing that he can put them on the track! I sure can't.

He so loves his little trains. He runs around the house, choo-chooing like a train. He will even tell us "I twain! CHOO-CHOO!" and then run off. He loves his trains. I don't mind it. It isn't so much a Riley only toy. It's a Riley & Daddy & Papa & Opa toy. He is so cute when he lays on the floor to watch the trains go by.

A train just derailed and he is telling us "Twain bwoke". Now he is trying to get it back on the track!

We had gymnastics yesterday. He would swing from the rings, then this little girl would. He would say "I terwn." or "Her terwn" depending on whose turn it was. Very cute. He is getting really good at the taking turns, sharing thing. If we can get him potty trained (or would that be "twained"?) he will do good in preschool!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Had fun today

Met Krista and the girls at Funtastic for some play. They had fun, although they closed really early today, which stank. Riley could have used more time. Course, he's zonked out now! lol Then we went to Target and Riley & I went to Nugget. Is it bad that the produce guy knows us? lol He recognized Riley. And me. He's a nice guy. Encourages Riley with his carrot stealing ways. Although today we had no issues. Because I bought sprinkles for making cookies and he played with those.

Tomorrow I have jury duty. Karen is going to watch Riley because Tracey is on vacation this week and Brad is working.

Supposedly we're going to know about the engineer job in 2 days. I don't believe it. I also don't think that Brad is getting it. I think that they think that they'd be stupid to lose their best operator and trainer. We'll see. It would be less money, but that's fine. We can still do it. And hopefully I will be getting a job for fall. I hope.

I really lost it today at Brad. Poor guy. I just don't know anymore. I am so . . . I just don't know. I'm just DONE. I need a weekend away. And I was supposed to get one. But now it looks like my folks are going to be out of town, which they need, even though they had agreed to keep Riley. I'm just tired. I need a weekend of sleep and rest and just doing NOTHING. Because even when I'm home with Brad he makes me feel like crap if I don't do SOMEthing. Oh well. I'm just hoping that I can get away.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The funeral

The funeral was beautiful. Father Lee was nearly impossible to understand. He also seemed to get a little bit impatient when we weren't responding correctly. *IBEREH* HELLO! IT'S A FUNERAL! We weren't really a large group, other than family only Bill & Leanne, Al & Carroll, Josie & her daughter, Andrea (*eye roll*), Gina, Amy and Nadine came to the church. That was it. That is NOT a lot of people to hear in that HUGE church! Not to mention there were enough non-Catholics who wouldn't know what to do ANYWAY! ARGH!

The casket was beautiful. White, with pink with roses on the corners and in small areas on the sides. With some pink tinge toward the top. It was really nice.

So many people came. I mean, not really a LOT, but it was nice! Carroll, of course, wanted to help. As did Cathy. I made Jennifer help though! She took the plastic off all the meats and cheeses while I took them to the table. Everyone was great, it was great that Jeff was out too. That was just a fluke, but a nice one. It was good to see him and to talk to him about the baby. :) I'm feeling better about that, we'll see how I feel when he gets here.

Aunt Tina, as expected, had a rough time because that was her last sister. She commented on how much I helped, all the while with a pointed GLARE at Dina. lol As usual. She always makes comments like that, while glaring at Dina.

We went to Dave & Busters last night. Which was fun. Took Dina with us, to give Mom & Dad some time to just . . . do NOTHING. Brad, of course, insisted on buying her dinner, but let her buy the next round of drinks, which was actually 2 beers for Brad, 2 gin & tonics for her, and a cherry coke for me. When we got home, she went to bed, Brad & Riley went down and I vegged.

Dina, of course, sat on her butt through the party after the funeral. But whatever. I'm pretty used to that at this point. At least I know that I did what needed to be done and I can feel good about that. I just don't understand that "sit on my ass and let everyone else do the work" mentality that she has.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

I love my husband

Today, he promised to help me deal with Dina. Complete with trash bags and duct tape. :) What would I do without him? I know that even though she doesn't drive him as crazy as she does me, he understands. He gets it. I just don't feel like I can deal with her. We'll see how it all goes.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

I still haven't cried. I don't know if that is evident of being so prepared for Nana's death, or of me being a cold callous person.

I know that she had some good points to her. I remember her being happy, but she hasn't been for years. The last ten, fifteen years, have her being miserable, bitter and just plain nasty. I loved her, but she was NOT a nice person. I could go on and on about how differently she treated me and Dina. But what is the point?

And speaking of Dina. *IBEREH* She will be coming out for the funeral. I don't know yet when she arrives, or when she leaves, but please God, give me the energy to deal with her. She is going to be going on and on and on about "Nana this and Nana that" and "I miss her soooooo much" as she cries her big fat annoying FAKE crocodile tears. I am going to need so much strength to deal with her. I'm sure that there will be some sort of question about money or jewelry or SOMETHING as well. You know, maybe I'm weird. I just don't care about those things.

I don't know what I am going to do when she starts her whining. God, I am just going to need strength and energy for this one. While I am not crying and going on and on, I am on edge. I know I'm due to start my period, so that isn't helping. But I know that there is more to it than that. I know that stress about this job for Brad, I know that worrying about applying for jobs for me and if there will BE any jobs for me, is adding to my stress level. I don't know. I am just feeling STRESSED! I need to be able to relax. I had thought about scheduling a massage, but I just don't know when I will be able to go. Maybe April.

There is a girls weekend coming up. I can't wait. The weekend of April 11. Brad is scheduled, so Mom & Dad are planning to take Riley, but I just don't know if they will be able to. I hope that they can. The last weekend away got cancelled. But I hope that this one doesn't. I need it! lol We all do.

Oh well, that's it for now. Later!

*IBEREH*= "Insert Big Eye Rolling Emoticon Here"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Not sure what to feel

I'm not sure what I feel, or what I should feel. Maybe Shawna said it best when she said that I was feeling two VERY intense emotions at the same time. And I am.

I am sad. Of COURSE I am sad. I'm not a monster. My Nana died. Of course I feel sad. But at the same time, I am happy. She was miserable. She was incoherent. She was yelling at my Dad in Italian the other day, calling him Frank. That's his Dad, who has been dead since well before I was born.

I remember being little, gosh Mom & Dad were married yet!, and being at her apt. She had a little parakeet and he was walking on the table while I ate toast with cinnamon and sugar. I remember her telling me that cookies and other baked goods taste better if you mix them by hand, with either a wooden spoon or a whisk. The only time I use an electric mixer for baked things is when I am making a really large amount. I do it all by hand. lol Even today.

I am going to miss her. But she has been failing. She has been miserable. She has been in pain. But now, now she is at peace. How nice. She is with family, her husband that she hasn't seen in decades, her daughter who only lived for 3 days, her son, her sister, her brother, she is with friends who have died before her. I am SURE that her and my Pop are fighting, as they always did. lol But she is with Jesus, she is in Heaven. I know that this is what she has been wanting.

While it might be odd to say . . . praise God for taking her.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Birthdays and olive oil

Brad is, of course, working. But Riley & I went to Jedi's third b-day party tonight. The neighbors came, they are so sweet. And Shawna's folks and sister in law. And me & Riley. That was it. We didn't give him anything big, but he doesn't care. He's THREE.

I can't believe that he's three. That means that in five short months, Riley will be three. How did he get so big, so fast? I don't understand it at all. I did not give permission for Riley to get so big, so fast. Three. That's like, a preschooler! Insane.

I went to the dr on Wed. Annoying. She tells me that my cholesterol is high. Well, sort of. My GOOD cholesterol is too low. Which puts my total cholesterol .4 too high. Her advice? Exercise more and add olive oil to my diet. What, am I supposed to DRINK the stuff? I don't use any OTHER oil. And how much more an I supposed to exercise? I either walk or do Satori stuff 5 days a week. Absolutely no help at all. No help on how to lose the weight. "Exercise more, eat less." Yeah, ok lady. How about some REAL ideas. I watch my portions, I exercise, I don't know what else to do. I eat everything that "they" say to eat, and little to none of the stuff "they" say not to eat. Dr. Laurie, my chiropractor, thinks that I might have an intolerance to something and that is causing me to not be able to get the weight off.

I mean, who GAINS on WW? Yes, I lost at first, then I gained 10 lbs. Not really normal. I just don't know what to do anymore. I hate my body. I WANT to lose. I get so excited at Satori when I can feel those lower stomach muscles. In fact, the gals have laughed at me, not really at me, more like with me, when I react when I feel those lower muscles. It is weird because I haven't felt them since before I had Riley!

I just don't know what to do anymore about the weight. Frustrating.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

But how can I complain?

When it is carrots that he takes from the bin at the market and starts to eat? I mean, really! CARROTS! Don't most children, IF they "steal" food at the grocery market, take candy? Or things that they aren't allowed to eat? Not mine. He grabs CARROTS. And grapes that have fallen out of the bag and are on the floor.

We were at the market tonight and they have these neat looking displays for the produce. Unfortunately, they go very low. Brad was grabbing some celery and Riley grabbed a carrot and took a bite. And we're talking a full, normal carrot! Then he goes over, still holding his carrot, and starts grabbing grapes off the floor. Brad had moved a bag and a few fell out. Riley starts to shove them in his mouth! The produce manager is laughing so hard I was surprised that he could still stand. He gets the store manager, who is also hysterical.

So now that carrot is cut up, with a stalk of celery and some sugar snap peas, in a bowl with curry vinagrette, in Riley's lunch sack for day care tomorrow. Because what exactly is a lunch without his little salad? Everyday he gets this salad, and everyday it is the only thing in his lunch that is totally gone.

But really, how can I complain?


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh yeah, he's a monkey!

At my parents, Riley sleeps in a play pen/pack and play/whatever you want to call it. Well, he has taken to climbing out of it. Yesterday at nap he climbed out twice. Last night at bed time, he climbed out. Today at nap, he climbed out once. Papa put him back. The second time, he got stuck over the side. lol Third time he closed the bedroom door and started to play, so they let him. Then the door opened and he walked out. And this conversation happened:

Papa: What are you doing up?
Riley: (Looks at him.)
Papa: You're supposed to be taking a NAP!
Riley: (shrugs shoulders) Oh well.

Nice huh? What to do with this kid!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My weekend

Yep, Brad had his vasectomy yesterday. He is doing really well in fact. He took ONE pain pill last night before bed and that is it. Today he says that all he feels is a slight pulling. I am thrilled that he isn't in pain. :) We went to lunch today, at the brewery, and hit an estate sale and a friends of the library book sale. I got a grocery bag of books for $5!! Most of them will be for the classroom, if I ever get one.

Riley got his hair cut this morning. Then he conned my mom into a cookie from the bakery. I don't know WHY she buys them for him. He always says that he wants one, and he gets a nice, cute cut out cookie, frosted and the whole bit, only to eat NONE of it at all. And this happens every time she gets his haircut! (Which she has done more than I have I think, or at least as many times!) He just adores Mr. Jason who cuts his hair down there. I think more than he likes Ms. Deirdre up here. Although Ms. Deirdre has a tractor chair for him. I was going to try the barbershop here in town, they have a fire engine, but when Mom hear that their cuts were $10 she freaked and said "No! I'll take him to Jason!" Never mind that some students have gone to this new barber shop and they look great! But apparently a $10 haircut is just crap to her. This is the same woman that made me go to Super Cuts till high school! lol

I had hoped to go out with Shawna and Kevin this weekend. But she has the same cold that we had last week. So that is a bummer. Although probably a good thing because I would hate to be off somewhere having fun and having to say "Oh, Brad's nuts hurt . . . gotta run!" Although THAT would be good for a laugh between Shawna and I!

I have no sub jobs lined up for next week either. I am sure that I will get some calls during the week though. And since Brad is on his 7 off I can take something for anyday. And the following week I have Tues, Wed, and Thurs booked already for Barbara. I am getting interesting requests for me for subbing. I was requested last week by a teacher that I had never been to. I thought that it was odd. Turns out that the lady at the sub desk told him to request me, as did his wife who is a principal at another school I've subbed at. Thurs afternoon I got a call from the sub lady, Nancy, asking me if I could do special ed at one of the schools on Fri. Apparently the principal there requested me! My biggest concern now is getting hired for fall. With the budget cuts that will be coming (thank YOU, idiots in Sacramento!) I don't know that I will be able to get hired. I hope for at least a temporary position, I don't need benefits, and that would put me in a good position for next year. The thing is, I am already well liked, but there just needs to be the positions available for me to apply for.

I am trying to get a lot of cleaning done this weekend. With Riley gone I can really move stuff and get rid of stuff that he doesn't play with. Of course, I still have a touch of the cold from last weekend so I do some and then I need to rest. And Brad can't do a whole lot, so it falls to me. Oh well. I hope to get more done tonight and tomorrow. We were supposed to go out tonight, but now I am wondering if we should or if we should just stay home. We at least need to run out and get dinner. I so need to go grocery shopping! Maybe tomorrow!

We are going to check out a new church tomorrow. The associate pastor was the high school pastor at our last church. And it is the same denomination as our last one. I'm not much of one for denomination, but we really liked the last church. We just weren't thrilled with the drive! They are having their first service at the new location tomorrow, so we will go and see if we like it. I don't know what I will do next weekend when Brad is at work though. Go there or to the place that we've been going to. They are the same distance. It will depend on how I feel about this place tomorrow. I always feel weird going to a new church without Brad. We'll see! I don't even know if we will like it. We really really enjoy the worship at GVCC. So who knows. We will have to see. I just haven't felt very connected at GVCC. We will have to see what it is like at LHCC.

Alright, we need to go get dinner and all of that good stuff! Later!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I have this friend

I have this friend, who shall remain nameless. She is amazing. She has 6 kids, 3 adult kids 3 little ones. I have never actually met her, and I might never get to. Although I did get to talk to her on the phone once, years ago. She lives in England.

See, I met her through an online message board. I have other friends on there, but right now, this blog is about her. I get to read her blog daily, and it is amazing the things that she goes through! And she always comes out ok. And with her faith intact. It is amazing. She just comes across as so patient with her children, so understanding. Don't get me wrong, I have no delusion that she is perfect. I am quite sure that she screams & yells at her kids. I mean, who doesn't? lol But I am also quite sure that she loves those kids so much!

I just had to post this because really, any person that you can consider a friend when you have never laid eyes on them and might never, is amazing! It is amazing to consider these people friends. I post about her because . . . I want SMARTIES!! lol

It is amazing to me. I have made friends with women (and one man) who I might never meet in person. I would love to though. They are all so wonderful. Ok, not all of them . . . some are complete COWS! But some, ok, most, are amazing! I would love to meet so many of them.

A group of them had a meet up in Boston over the weekend. I would have loved to have been able to go. Oh well, maybe another time!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The insanity that is my family

So my Mama is losing it. She doesn't have Alzheimers, maybe not even really dementia, but her memory is going. So, last night my Mom is talking to her and mentions this new medication that she'd seen a commercial for this medication that is supposed to help with dementia and that maybe they should talk to Mama's dr about it. Fine. EXCEPT that Mom couldn't remember what the medication is called!! LOL I was laughing so hard as my Mom was telling me this that I was crying. I mean, they had this like, 5 minute conversation about how one of Mama's friends is on this medication and it's helping, but that Mama couldn't remember the name of it either......OR WHO IS TAKING IT!!!!! OMG! It was hysterical!!

I subbed today. A good day, although I don't like that school. I mean, there isn't really anything WRONG with the school. But the teachers are not friendly at all to the subs. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that I will be kept busy enough with just filling in for Shelly that I might not be subbing much for other teachers. I do need to pop over to see Nancy at the district office tomorrow though, bring in the credential that isn't a 30 day...which means that if Shelly needs to be gone for a while I will HOPEFULLY get in as a long term sub. It would be nice. Although I wish that the situation were different.

I want to go on a trip. Shawna is leaving Fri for Hawaii. I'm so jealous. I need a trip. I want to go somewhere warm and sunny. It would be nice. Oh well........maybe eventually.


Monday, February 18, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Today at Satori Fit I did it! I DID A FLYING SAMURI!!!!!!!! Ok, here's how you do it. You run at the wave master and jump. The force of you hitting it should knock it over, and you go with it. Scary but fun. Well, I've tried a few times, nothing major, but today I tried it and I did it!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself!

Adrienne came up today and worked on the mural in Riley's room. It is looking great! She got the 3 surfboards done, the surfer dude surfing and the sea turtle. It looks great!

I got my credential in the mail. YAY!!! And the jobs at Plymouth are posted on EdJoin...but only as transfers till the end of the week. Then I should be able to apply.

I subbed last week for 3rd grade. I talked to Shelly Sat night. She found out Fri night that she has cervical cancer. :( Poor thing. She's only 39. My heart just breaks. I know that I will be subbing for her more in the weeks to come. Which is fine, I love the class...I just don't know how they are going to explain this to the parents if she is out a lot. Obviously she doesn't want the kids or their parents to know.

Otherwise, it's been a great week. Flying Samuri, subbing a TON, Riley's room getting done, the dress that I'm wearing in the wedding is great, all in all, great!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm done!!!

I got the email to apply for my credential!!!! So, now I just need to go to the website and fill out the form (and, of course, pay the state!) and I will get my credential! YAY!!!! Now we just have to hope & pray that I get hired for fall.

I've been kept busy with subbing though. I've subbed 11 days in a month. Would have been 12, but we had a snow day. I check EdJoin daily for job listings. lol Even on the weekends. Once I get this regular, not 30 day limited, credential, I need to call Nancy at the office and see if I need to bring them a copy of it or what. I would LOVE a long term position. It could really be an in with the district if I do. Course, I have now subbed: kinder; 1/2 combo; 3rd; 4th; 5/6 combo & high school resource. I have been at all but one of the schools that I am willing to go to. And that is only because the campuses are split into primary and elementary. lol

Last night Riley was running in circles around the living room in socks & Robeez (nothing else), with a quesadilla in one hand and his penis in the other, farting. OMG! I cannot get over this BOY stuff. And the womens lib movement has tried to convince us that we're the same! HAH! Girls don't do stuff like that. They also don't fly a toy airplane around, while making plane noises, and drop them and yell "CRASH!" lol son is a budding little plane dropper. Not gonna let HIM be a pilot! lol

Darn it, I thought of something else to write when I was writing about Riley and I forgot what it was now. Dang! Oh well, guess it wasn't important!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Riley thinks...

that we live in Europe. Everytime he gives or gets kisses, it has to be one cheek, then the other. EVERYTIME! lol You can not kiss him on one cheek without kissing the other. And if you try to get away with only kissing one cheek, he turns his head and says "CHEEK!" It is so cute! He learned this from Oma & Opa when they got home from France.

They, of course, have to do things "European", while complaining about how liberal Europe is. I swear, somedays I just think that they are so insecure that they do these things to feel better about themselves. You know, "When we were in Istanbul" *IBEREH*** I just get so tired of it all! LOL

Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a rant about the IL's. lol It was supposed to be about something cute that the Riley-man does! So, I will leave the IL rant for another time!

**IBEREH--Insert Big Eye Rolling Emotionicon Here", as coined by a friend on BZ.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tech support my #*(&!!!!!

Why is it that everytime I have had an issue with the computers for the university and I've called the help desk they tell me that it is MY FAULT!? EVERYTIME I have reported a problem, the problem self-corrects. Now, that cannot be MY computer "fixing" itself. I HATE THEM!!!!!! The first idiot I talked to tonight told me that I am stupid. In those words. Funny enough, WHILE TALKING TO HIM, the problem fixed itself. Yeah, my computer isn't going to start giving me error messages, FROM THEIR WEB SITE, that I have a virus and then magically make it go away!!!!!!! God, I need to be done with these frigging idiots. The 28th...that is the day that I am living for right now. I meet with that witch of an instructor I've had all semester and then I can be done and free from these idiots.

Except. Oh come now, you didn't think that there wouldn't be an except now would you? Ah, you know me too well. Except that I want to do my masters and it would be only five more classes. And I want to do it. It would be fun! LOL Yeah, ok, not really FUN, but fun to have a higher degree than Brad! LOL I'm a bitch, I know. No, that isn't the only reason I want to do it...I just want to. It may not make sense, but it's just a new goal. I guess my first goal should be to get a job though!

Oh well...I hate tech support. The one for the uni never really helps. But only 10 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 14, 2008

I can't figure this one out!

Riley can say "hot". With no problem. He says it all the time. But the child will NOT say "hot dog". In fact, tonight he said "hot dot dog." He insists on calling them "dot dogs". Like I said, he can say "hot"! lol Tonight he actually TALKED to his hot dog before he ate it. "Hi dot dog." Then he would pop it in his mouth! Nothing like talking to your food! LOL

He did NOT want to go to bed tonight. He wasn't being naughty or anything, he just didn't want to sleep! He was in his bed, playing, it was cute. I don't know, it was one of those things that just doesn't bother me at all. I don't care if he falls asleep immediately or not. Tomorrow is a home day, so it doesn't matter. He can sleep in. And the later that he sleeps the happier Brad will be! I get to go workout in the morning. Then to breakfast with Shawna. It'll be nice.

We met with the urologist today. The vasectomy is Feb 29. YAY!!! Riley will go to my folks for the weekend because the dr doesn't want Brad to lift more than 10 lbs. This will just make it easier. Plus, since Brad isn't really a sit and relax kind of guy, we can go do things with out having to worry about Riley. Maybe we'll go see a movie or something. We will have to see how he's feeling, but we can get out without having to worry. :)

I bought Riley training pants today. We'll see if it works. Mom will try to see what happens when she has him. He will NOT sit on the potty for me at all. Under any circumstances. But he will for other people. Brat! LOL Maybe someone else will have to potty train him. DARN! LOL Talk about making MY life easier!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conversation with a 35 year old

We just had a major storm. I was getting my hair done that day and Brad didn't want me to drive down the hill alone, so him & Riley came with me. He dropped me with Shawna after & him & Riley did a few errands. They drove over an area that had a little mud slide and Brad was telling me about it as we drove past the area a few days later.

Brad: Yeah, there was about 6 inches of mud here the other day when we drove home.

Me: was gone when Shawna drove me home.

Brad: Yeah, I had to put the van in 4-wheel drive.

Me: It has 4 wheel drive?

Brad: has 4 wheels. The back two are just lazy.

And this is my life. lol

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Conversation with a 9 year old

So Brad & I stayed with Shawna & Kevins kids the other weekend for one night. We took the kids to church the next day, which meant taking two cars. On the way back to their house, the 7 yr old looks at me and says "He's (Brad) catching up to us! You gotta lose him!" So, I speed up somewhat and change lanes, no biggie. "He's gonna catch him! You gotta beat him home!" from the 7 year old.

The 9 year old, Boo, was in the front seat with me. Here's our conversation:

Boo: He's really competative.

Me: You're all really competative Boo.

Boo: Who's the least competative of us?

Me: Your Mom.

Boo: Who's the most competative?

Me: I don't know Boo, you're all really competative.

Boo: Me? Am I the most competative? You think it's me, don't you?

Me: I really don't know.

Boo: Are you sure? Are you sure that it isn't me?

Me: (thinking) No, maybe not the most competative but DEFINATELY the most STUBBORN! LOL

Friday, January 11, 2008

So today and yesterday I........

subbed with my last class. LOL Yep, I missed ONE DAY of school, then I was back there! I had a great time. Several of the teachers, and the secretary, told me that they had missed me the day that I wasn't there! I really will miss being there. I mean, I feel so comfortable and welcome. I just love all the teachers. I am subbing next week, for a half day, with the 5th grade. In Feb for the 4th grade for a half day, and for 3 days in March for 4th grade. One of the kinder teachers told me today that she's going to be mad if they don't hire me for fall!! She's going to write me a letter of recommendation and try to get as many of the teachers as possible to write ones for me as well. lol Can you just imagine me going in for an interview for one of the classes at the school with letters from half or more of the staff? LOL That would be brilliant!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Popcorn anyone?

Yeah, you don't want it in MY house! lol Brad & Riley are popcorn fiends! Riley can eat a whole snack bag himself. Now, before you say "Yeah, well, so can I!" remember that he is only 2! And he's only 25lbs. And 33 inches tall. He's a little guy!

So, last night, Brad made popcorn for them. Goes to the cabinet, grabs the popcorn's a powder that comes like a spice jar. Heck, you even buy it with the spices. Shakes a bunch on. Comes back into the living room. Takes a bite. "Shit." "What?", says I, the ever loving and concerned wife. "I think I grabbed the garlic salt instead of the popcorn butter." I didn't think anything of it. Until I could start smelling them! OMG!!! There was enough garlic in that popcorn to ward off Louis, Lestat, Claudia, Armand and the whole gang!!! Trust me, no vampire is coming near my house anytime soon!

I went to kiss Riley goodnight and almost gagged. :( Not good when you're the mommy. He still smelled like garlic after his nap today. :( He doesn't now...but when he first woke up he did.

My question to the both: WHY THE HECK DID YOU KEEP EATING IT!????????? LOL

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dot dog pease

Is what my DARLING 2 year old said to the waitress at lunch today! Dot dog...there is no cuter way to ask for a hot dog in my opinion! When someone else at our table was ordering, he tugged on my sleeve and said "I want dot dog pease!" Too cute! My little man, who is such a boy, is actually learning some manners! He sneezed the other day. I said "God bless you." He replied "Tanks!" LOL I mean, really! How cute! I hope that it lasts. I hope that he continues to be polite. But I am not holding my breath! All we can do is keep repeating how to say things politely.

It's been a while since I blogged. I was really busy with school ending, making candy for Christmas, being gone for Christmas, being gone for New Years Eve. Now we're home and we're staying home for a bit. Sort of. lol My back has been killing me for a while now. So I went to the chiropractor today. Tomorrow I get a massage, eye brow wax, & my hair cut & colored. YAY!!! I can't wait.

I am so thrilled to be done with school. I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that I am DONE! Mostly!! I have to finish my portfolio. Which I am getting more pissed at my professor for not getting back to me about. I emailed her 5 of the 7 domains to be completed and I have not heard back on any of them. I understand that it has been the holidays, but this is bs. Especially given that she's been a flake about it all for a while now. I am actually putting together a novel, I mean LETTER, to the president of the uni because I am just so fed up and pissed off with them.

I don't know. I am sitting here, writing, chatting on IM with Blythe, and sipping hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme (YUM!), listening to a storm. I just put Riley down for the night. A bit later than normal, but he napped until 7 so how can I argue with him staying up late? Plus he had to shower with Daddy. Which was funny to hear. "It's COLD!" LOL Man, that kid knows his mind!

Alright, that's it for now. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed!!!