Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been a while

It has been a while since I blogged. Ok, an entire year. It's been on hell of a fucked up year.

My dad died. Complete & total shock. He was in pain, all the time. His back hurt. Constantly. He went to the dr who did an x-ray & saw something that made him think Dad had cancer. Dad made an appt with an oncologist, but he never made it.

Riley did the summer Bridge to Kindergarten program last summer. It ended on a Thurs. On Fri we took the train to Reno with the DeWalt's. We came home on Sat. On Tues I noticed the cat bleeding from the side of his mouth. Off to the vet to learn that he'd been bit by a Brown Recluse spider.

On Thurs Mom called because we were supposed to be going shopping. She wanted me to come early because she thought that Dad had had a stroke. So, down to Folsom I headed. It was clear that he'd had a stroke.

I can't talk about it all right now. Let's just say that Dad got worse & worse and 10 days after he went to the hospital he died from complications from the stroke. Official cause of death is bowel rupture. But his dr is pretty sure that he had bone cancer.

So it's been a shitty year.