Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A visit with the pediatrician

Saw the pedi today. I wanted R's ears checked again because the other pedi said the tube in his left ear was compressed and it could have been allergies or from the infection. I also was helping in R's class one day & he was kind of freaking out when it got loud & I was thinking he might have some sensory issues. Even though no dr has said that I do, I know that I do. I get overwhelmed in large crowds, I can't handle tags, I can't handle seams in my socks, stuff like that.

I explained to the dr what I saw, what he has said about not being able to work because everyone is talking, stuff like that. The pedi thinks he has an auditory processing disorder. Basically, when there is all the other noises he just CAN NOT focus. It isn't that he doesn't want to focus, he literally CAN NOT focus. There is therapy, but most insurances don't consider it to be medical so it isn't covered. Plus the pedi thinks that he'll outgrow it. No, that isn't right. Not that he will outgrow it, but that he will learn to work with it. Like so many of us did.

Oh, and I brought up the ADD/ADHD thing that I know his teacher thinks he has. Yeah, he doesn't even find it worth considering, which I agree with.