Monday, February 25, 2008

I have this friend

I have this friend, who shall remain nameless. She is amazing. She has 6 kids, 3 adult kids 3 little ones. I have never actually met her, and I might never get to. Although I did get to talk to her on the phone once, years ago. She lives in England.

See, I met her through an online message board. I have other friends on there, but right now, this blog is about her. I get to read her blog daily, and it is amazing the things that she goes through! And she always comes out ok. And with her faith intact. It is amazing. She just comes across as so patient with her children, so understanding. Don't get me wrong, I have no delusion that she is perfect. I am quite sure that she screams & yells at her kids. I mean, who doesn't? lol But I am also quite sure that she loves those kids so much!

I just had to post this because really, any person that you can consider a friend when you have never laid eyes on them and might never, is amazing! It is amazing to consider these people friends. I post about her because . . . I want SMARTIES!! lol

It is amazing to me. I have made friends with women (and one man) who I might never meet in person. I would love to though. They are all so wonderful. Ok, not all of them . . . some are complete COWS! But some, ok, most, are amazing! I would love to meet so many of them.

A group of them had a meet up in Boston over the weekend. I would have loved to have been able to go. Oh well, maybe another time!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The insanity that is my family

So my Mama is losing it. She doesn't have Alzheimers, maybe not even really dementia, but her memory is going. So, last night my Mom is talking to her and mentions this new medication that she'd seen a commercial for this medication that is supposed to help with dementia and that maybe they should talk to Mama's dr about it. Fine. EXCEPT that Mom couldn't remember what the medication is called!! LOL I was laughing so hard as my Mom was telling me this that I was crying. I mean, they had this like, 5 minute conversation about how one of Mama's friends is on this medication and it's helping, but that Mama couldn't remember the name of it either......OR WHO IS TAKING IT!!!!! OMG! It was hysterical!!

I subbed today. A good day, although I don't like that school. I mean, there isn't really anything WRONG with the school. But the teachers are not friendly at all to the subs. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that I will be kept busy enough with just filling in for Shelly that I might not be subbing much for other teachers. I do need to pop over to see Nancy at the district office tomorrow though, bring in the credential that isn't a 30 day...which means that if Shelly needs to be gone for a while I will HOPEFULLY get in as a long term sub. It would be nice. Although I wish that the situation were different.

I want to go on a trip. Shawna is leaving Fri for Hawaii. I'm so jealous. I need a trip. I want to go somewhere warm and sunny. It would be nice. Oh well........maybe eventually.


Monday, February 18, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Today at Satori Fit I did it! I DID A FLYING SAMURI!!!!!!!! Ok, here's how you do it. You run at the wave master and jump. The force of you hitting it should knock it over, and you go with it. Scary but fun. Well, I've tried a few times, nothing major, but today I tried it and I did it!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself!

Adrienne came up today and worked on the mural in Riley's room. It is looking great! She got the 3 surfboards done, the surfer dude surfing and the sea turtle. It looks great!

I got my credential in the mail. YAY!!! And the jobs at Plymouth are posted on EdJoin...but only as transfers till the end of the week. Then I should be able to apply.

I subbed last week for 3rd grade. I talked to Shelly Sat night. She found out Fri night that she has cervical cancer. :( Poor thing. She's only 39. My heart just breaks. I know that I will be subbing for her more in the weeks to come. Which is fine, I love the class...I just don't know how they are going to explain this to the parents if she is out a lot. Obviously she doesn't want the kids or their parents to know.

Otherwise, it's been a great week. Flying Samuri, subbing a TON, Riley's room getting done, the dress that I'm wearing in the wedding is great, all in all, great!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm done!!!

I got the email to apply for my credential!!!! So, now I just need to go to the website and fill out the form (and, of course, pay the state!) and I will get my credential! YAY!!!! Now we just have to hope & pray that I get hired for fall.

I've been kept busy with subbing though. I've subbed 11 days in a month. Would have been 12, but we had a snow day. I check EdJoin daily for job listings. lol Even on the weekends. Once I get this regular, not 30 day limited, credential, I need to call Nancy at the office and see if I need to bring them a copy of it or what. I would LOVE a long term position. It could really be an in with the district if I do. Course, I have now subbed: kinder; 1/2 combo; 3rd; 4th; 5/6 combo & high school resource. I have been at all but one of the schools that I am willing to go to. And that is only because the campuses are split into primary and elementary. lol

Last night Riley was running in circles around the living room in socks & Robeez (nothing else), with a quesadilla in one hand and his penis in the other, farting. OMG! I cannot get over this BOY stuff. And the womens lib movement has tried to convince us that we're the same! HAH! Girls don't do stuff like that. They also don't fly a toy airplane around, while making plane noises, and drop them and yell "CRASH!" lol son is a budding little plane dropper. Not gonna let HIM be a pilot! lol

Darn it, I thought of something else to write when I was writing about Riley and I forgot what it was now. Dang! Oh well, guess it wasn't important!