Friday, August 15, 2008

Let the work begin!!!

So I was a little sad on Wednesday. It was the first day of school and I don't have a job. But then today I went online and I had requests for me for subbing for 6 days!! Four days in Aug, 2 in Sept. I am thrilled!! This is awesome!! And I was added to the jr high lists as well, so hopefully I will get more work!

Today was gymnastics. Tons of fun. There was a new kid there. Poor thing. Not even 2 yet and there with the 4 kids. Let's see, one who will be 3 in Oct, one who will be 3 in Sept, one who just turned 3, and then one who will be 5 in Jan. It was rather crazy! I hope they come back next week.

Tomorrow will be nice. Provided that I can get my stuff together I'm going to scrap for the day tomorrow and then tomorrow night is moms night out. :) So that will be nice! But I need some time tonight to get my stuff organized and figure out what I'm going to work on. If I'd planned ahead I'd have my Disney stuff organized, but I didn't. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Alright, hubby will be home soon. Later!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Customer service? What's that?

Ok, I must be having a week. I kid you not, I had the following conversation last night. We were at Applebees. I ordered a Perfect Margarita. It comes in a shaker tin with a strainer and you pour it.

Me: There's some green stuff floating in here.
Waitress: Oh, that's just mint.
Me: But there's no mint in this drink.
Waitress: Oh but we make mojitos.
Me: But this is a margarita. No mint in it.
Waitress: Well, I wanted you to know it wasn't something gross.
Me: It's something in my tin that shouldn't be there. That's gross in my book.
Waitress: But it's just mint. It must have not come out in the dishwasher.
Me: Which is gross.
Waitress: Well, I want you to know it was washed.
Me: It's still left over food. And I'm really bothered by the fact that the bartender would serve this in a tin that was dirty.
Waitress: Oh, well, she's really busy right now . . .
Me: So?
Waitress: Well, I'll get you a new one.
Me: That's ok. I'll take an iced tea with extra lemon.
Waitress: Ok, lemonade.
Me: TEA! Extra lemon!

Waitress walks away.

Me to Brad: Oh my gosh! You'd think they would be able to hire someone with a brain!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am so done

Men, forewarning that this is a rant about af and the other issues that I get when she's around. So here's your warning to leave if you want! :)

I'm done. I am so sick and tired of my period showing up whenever it wants. Schedule? What's THAT? What do you mean I'm supposed to come every 28 days? I come when I want! I don't CARE if you're in the middle of the stupid grocery store. What's a calendar anyway?

So I started Sunday, while out running errands, 2 weeks late. Thankfully on Sat I had put a pair of panties in the diaper bag for me because we were going to be out and it was going to be hot and I knew that I'd want to change my underwear. Thankfully Brad is helpful enough to think nothing of it when I call him from the bathroom asking for the diaper bag.

I am so done with having PCOS. I am obviously out of remission. My periods are getting later and later. I wish I could go in, have a blood test that says "Yes, the PCOS is out of remission. Take THIS." and have it help. I want to cry.

I'm done having kids. Why can't I just go through menopause NOW? Let's not forget that at almost 35 my hormones are shifting anyway so everything is tweaked. Add to it the mess of PCOS and I am just done.


Saturday, August 02, 2008


I absolutely cannot believe that my baby is three years old.

Three years ago today I was sitting in the hospital in Sacramento having just had a c-section. I cannot believe that three years have gone by. It seems like he was just born. Other times it seems like he has always been here. He was worth the long wait that we had though. He is sitting here with me, eating M&M's because he pooped on the toilet. With any luck this kid will potty train at some point!

I just never thought that I could love someone as much as I love him. He is so sweet, so loving, so ornery! lol It's amazing that a child, who is so sweet can be such a trial sometimes too! But he is my joy. I love him so much. I am so blessed to have him!

Happy third birthday Little Dude!!!