Monday, July 14, 2008

4 days!!!!!

Only 4 days till I leave for Reno. I'm ready to go NOW! lol

Swim lessons started today. Riley did really good. They had the kids sit on the side of the pool and slide in to us. Not Riley. He jumped in! lol He put his face right in the water and blew bubbles. He just all around had fun.

Before we left I changed his diaper and got him dressed. Wet diaper, not dirty. I'm dressing him and he says "I poop. I fart. I poop. I fart." So I ignore this. I mean, he IS a boy! Less than 3 minutes later he looks at me and says "I poop!" I check. Yep! That little monster did not poop in the disposable but waited till he was in cloth and then pooped not 5 minutes after being put into a clean diaper! BOYS!

Off to daydream about Reno!!


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