Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I thought of another way we aren't normal

We don't care about nudity in our house. Riley showers with us, gets dressed with us, whatever. We don't hide nudity around here.

We also only hold hands if there is a safety issue. Like a busy parking lot or a busy street to cross. But encourage Riley to just stay next to us. If it is a busy area we do hold hands.

We allow him to walk away from us in stores, at 4 years old. Even to go into the next aisle without us! *GASP*

We allow and encourage him to talk to strangers!

We encourage him to do things that push him. For example, climbing up & down the ladder. We help if he needs it, but we encourage him to do new things without help.

He got a chore chart when he turned 3. And is expected to do the chores.

When I tell him to do something, he is allowed to say no. He needs to do it, but he can express that he doesn't want to. Guess what, some days, I don't wanna do it either!

I'm sure I'll think of more!


Sara said...

See, there is a reason why I lurvs you. Let's get together, throw caution to the wind and send the kids to the park to play... alone!

Here's a site for you.
(I have asked for her book for Christmas.)I comment there - look for me!

I will be sending you a copy of a documentary my mom recorded for me. It won't teach you anything but will just reaffirm that you are an awesome mom!

(PS Still sick and to top it off, Victoria barfed last night while Kevin was out. Sigh... now my stomach is feeling gross on top of the flu I am suffering through. Kids are like little germ factories.)

*~*Zann*~* said...

I will go check that site out! And yes, I would totally allow Riley to go to the park with your girls! I mean, totally different than sending him totally alone!

I would love to see that documentary!

I hope you all start to feel better soon.