Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I don't think I'm normal

I have realized something. I don't think we parent like most people. Here's where I'm seeing that we're different.

1. Riley has a lot of freedom with media. If he wants to watch tv, he can (unless we're watching something). We don't edit what he watches on tv or listens to with music. He watches Tim Burton films and listens to punk music, complete with *gasp* swearing! On the other hand, he also watches Veggie Tales and loves their music. He has a broken iPhone (no sims card, can't get online) for music, movies and games that he plays with. He also has his own log in on dh's computer and can go to his web sites when he wants (as long as dh isn't on the computer).

2. He doesn't have a set bedtime. He goes to bed when he's tired or when we are. Sometimes he is in bed at 9, sometimes 10. One night, him & dh were playing with trains in the garage and I woke up at 1:30am! They were still playing! But he never goes to bed before 9.

3. He sleeps with us. If he feels the need to be in our bed, he is.

4. We don't worry about what he eats. If he wants ice cream, he can have it. He asks for carrots. We have never had a fit in a store over him wanting candy, instead he approaches the produce man and asks for carrots. Obviously it is working! We do not fight him on eating things. Yet he is an amazing eater.

5. He plays on his own, and is expected to. He goes in his room to play by himself. At the park, I chat with other moms, talk on the phone, read a book while he plays.

6. We don't do time outs. Instead I will tell him to go to his room until he can behave. He can play in his room when he's there. He doesn't need to sit in a corner to calm down.

I know that there are more ways, I just can't think of them right now!


Sara said...

Time outs are evil!

Sara said...

PS I guess me telling you I think you're normal doesn't mean much does it? I mean, consider the source and all that, right?

*~*Zann*~* said...

Well, you know . . .