Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stealing an idea

So my friend Sara posted some goals for the year that she has. And I thought "Gee, that's a good idea! I should do that!" lol Keep me accountable if it's in writing. So, here goes.

1. Save money. Being cheaper and actually putting more money in savings.

2. Plan more ahead. Be ahead of the game for things like birthday parties and the such.

3. Organize this house. Room by room. And declutter while at it.

4. Work out. I was really good last year, till I got bronchitis. That kind of threw me off.

5. Get used to this new way of eating. Having to cut out tomato & onion is NOT an easy thing to do.

6. Less computer time. I don't think it is helping my depression at all.

Ok, that's what I've got for now. I will try to remember to post & update on how I'm doing!


Jenn said...

You have to enlist the help of your friends to keep you on track for your goals.
I'll be sure to ask how you're doing - slacker! :p

Sara said...

Did not see this until today! Glad I could inspire you. :P We'll have to keep each other accountable.